Following are white papers (or positioning papers) that can help your technical customers understand the advantages of IDentifyED products:

IDentifyED Campus Safety and Security White Papers

Understanding Modern Help Request Apps and Incident Response. 100% of your security incidents will be addressed with this tool. We believe that if there was one tool that you could add to your campus that would make it more secure and more efficient, incident response would be that tool. If you are wondering what we are talking about and that other “security consultants” have not brought this concept to you, it’s because it’s not easy, and we are the originators of the concept. No other vendor does what we do, and no other vendor will be close to what we can provider.

Understanding Incident Response

Do I need an NFC software credential to take my campus completely mobile?

A great deal of cost and effort can go into accommodating soft credentials into an  NFC wallet. This white paper examines the issues associated with deploying a soft credential in an NFC wallet on campus versus other alternatives that would be cheaper, simpler and just as secure as an NFC wallet solution.

Do I need mobile software credentials to make my campus "mobile"?

Don’t push the panic button!  discusses the differences between a “panic button” and a real help request and incident response system. Why you want to provide a system to your campus that allows users to request specific help, and responders to respond with information, status, procedures, tools and the ability to loop in remote responders with video streaming.

Don't Push the Panic Button

Relying on Emergency Notification introduces the concept of incident response and emergency broadcast. Discussion on why traditional reliance on legacy emergency notification systems does not provide adequate solutions on today’s campuses.

Relying on Emergency Notification

Understanding Modern Reunification: Reunification is simply stated as getting the people who are members of the community back to their homes after a critical event as safely and with as much respect for people as is possible.

Sounds simple until you add:

  1. During the worst possible day of their lives.
  2. When your community is completely torn up.
  3. People have just experienced a trauma.
  4. You are likely dealing with people who are injured and killed
  5. When your whole campus is a crime scene.
  6. You have been more than likely relocated to another campus/hotel.
  7. No one is completely certain that the threat is over.
Understanding Modern Reunification

Broadcast Fatigue: AKA “Dude why are you blowing up my phone” discusses the issues with over using your emergency broadcast system for normal every day items, and discusses what your emergency broadcast systems should be and campus engagement tools that allow your campus to communicate properly.

Broadcast Fatigue

Understanding ID Validation and Verification So, step one is also figuring out “The Why you need to verify identity”, so that you are certain you are dealing with the person who they say they are. Perhaps you simply want to issue a campus ID, and hopefully we all agree that it’s pointless to issue a campus ID if you are not certain you know who the person actually is.

Understanding ID Validation and Verification

Understanding Modern Visitor Management

If the lobby floor is cluttered with visitor management stickers that have fallen off your visitor’s coats, it is likely that you are not using a modern visitor management tool. If you are  using a driver’s license scanner but you are not sure it actually validates the driver’s license or just “scans it”, you need to read this important visitor management white paper. Without a real and modern visitor management solution, the solution you are using is compromising your facility and putting your community at grave risk.

Understanding Modern Visitor Management

Understanding Modern Identity

Who is this? What do they do? Why are they here? What can the access? How can we tell? Where can they go? So many different needs in the modern world and identity is only the beginning! Learn all the terms, tools and concepts about modern identity, and why you need a complete tool set in order to maintain a safe and efficient campus.

Understanding Modern Identity

Learning from Uvalde” In Uvalde it was an elementary school; in Minnesota, a grocery store; in Charleston, a church; in Pensacola, a Naval Base; in Las Vegas, a concert, in Orlando, a night club and in San Bruno, Youtube’s headquarters; unfortunately, no place is safe from an individual wielding a semi-automatic rifle. This article is a way to offer ideas on how we can improve upon school and campus safety and learn from a tragic event.

Learning from Uvalde

Understanding Facial Recognition 

Facial Recognition beyond the hype is now a very viable reality. We help you understand the basics of implementing, concepts and culture concerns.

Understanding Facial Recognition

Understanding the difference between Incident Response and Computer Aided Dispatch. Help Requests, Incident Response,Incident Management, Threat Assessment, Record Management System (RMS) and Computer Aided Dispatch (CAD) — many terms, many meaning. Understanding the nuances or just plain differences are essential of your campus and your ability to respond to your many campus incidents.

Understanding the differences between incident response and computer aided dispatch.

Why photo submission without ID validation is a bad idea.

Why are you creating IDs” in the first place?

You are doing it to validate that the person on your campus is who they say they are, but if you submit a photo of what could be anyone, then that is not a valid ID. Some solutions simply flag you if the photo includes sun glasses or a goofy picture. Well, that’s not your issue, we wish it was. Your issue is validating the user BEFORE YOU ISSUE AN ID!

Photo submission without ID validation is a bad idea.

Reinventing Snow Days with IDentifyED. No matter how fun a good snow day can be it’s a major interruption. So, how do you communicate all the things that every person needs to know about? Like is there still a basketball practice? Will the game be tonite? How about the test that was supposed to be today? So many questions by so many, if only you had a true secure and private social media tools that allowed you to update groups, send messages, update message boards , update calendars, share files, share pictures, update wallet passes, create online forms, share locations and do emergency updates… With IDentifyED, you do.

Reinventing Snow Days

Understanding and using License Plate Recognition Whether you have a huge campus or small, license plate recognition can help your campus operating more efficiently and more securely. Many different applications for LPR foe example: Check-in/out of campus, Parking, Ticketing, Car-line, and basic security in-hours and out of hours. Know who is entering your campus and parking lots any time of day and night. Learn how this technology has so  many applications and so much power to secure your campus.

Understanding License Plate Recognition

Managing Autos on your Campus -In progress, Sorry.

coming soon

Understanding Campus Engagement and the role it plays in securing your campus. – In Progress -Sorry

coming soon

Providing Leadership with campus intelligence. This white paper discuss a wholistic approach of providing campus services that will allow your campus to gather and analyze real data. The many advantages of the Kornukopia’s Intelligence Context Engine and the pathway to a campus driven by AI.

coming soon

Understanding Incident Management. – In Progress – Sorry.

coming soon

Understanding Threat Assessment Management – In Progress, sorry.

coming soon

Understanding how to integrate your access control system and VMS system into a campus-wide intelligence platform. 

coming soon

Understanding and leveraging video streaming in a modern campus environment. – In Progress Sorry

coming soon

Understanding and leveraging IP voice applications in a modern campus environment. – In Progress Sorry

coming soon

Understanding and leveraging video kiosks in a modern campus environment. – In Progress Sorry

coming soon

Understanding, building and appreciating the advantages of a modern communication and social networking environment for your campus- In Progress Sorry

coming soon

Understanding and Implementing Custody Management and Exchange as it applies to managing and securing your campus.- In Progress Sorry

coming soon

Protecting the people, not the perimeter, prioritizing the security strategy. In Progress, Sorry

coming soon
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