Visitor Management System:Campus Security

Now with Covid Health Checks and Wallet Passes (no more stickers!)

Why is a Campus Security Visitor Management System so essential? Let’s have a look at the statistics below:

917,771 sex offenders in the US.

279 out of 100,000 people is a sex offender.

If you are lucky enough to live in Oregon that number jumps up to 668 out of 100,000 people. According to the National Center for Missing and exploited children (12/4/2018).

Who is visiting your campus? with the Campus Security Visitor Management System you’ll know!

Is your campus still relying on a sign-in sheet as your visitor management system?

Just how many felons and sex offenders are on your campus? Unfortunately, a sign-in sheet will never tell you that — nor will most visitor management systems. Can your campus benefit from a visitor management system? Yes, it can! Is there more than just visitor management required? Yes, a good visitor management requires a number of strong features.

However, visitor management is more than just a sign-in sheet and a “hello my name is” sticker, knowing who is on your campus requires visitor validation. A campus security visitor management system takes visitor information and validates the persons criminal record, assuring the campus that they are not allowing felons or sex offenders on campus.

So, what is being done today in Visitor Management Systems?

Most visitor management systems register a user (the manual ones are sign in sheets), then provide a sticker to the visitor via a sticker printer (or a sticker and a magic marker. A sticker, really?

Here are the issues with that:

1Registering does not tell me if you should be entering the campus.

2Who are visitors actually visiting?

3Does that person know and approve a visit?

4How do does your campus manage the visit with the visitor’s host?

5Where are you going to visit?

6Knowing where a visitor is, allows security to monitor visits, and in a critical event identify a visitor’s location.

7When did the visitor come to campus and when are they leaving? Allows a campus to manage visits.

8Knowing when a visitor left campus via a check-out helps manage who is actually on campus.

9Having systems and remote apps to identify visitors and monitor their visits allows campus security and staff to manage the campus.

10Finally, many campuses want or require visitor criminal validation, but the process is costly and takes time to get accomplished.

  • Who is going to pay? The campus? The visitor?
  • And how?
  • How does a campus manage a visitor’s criminal record over time?

Why doesn’t my organization have a visitor management system, or why is ours so out of date?

  • Many visitor management systems require software that can be kind of expensive.
  • Visitor management systems often require expensive and proprietary kiosks.
  • Visitor management systems often require expensive sticker printers or ID printers and all the supplies that go with them.
  • Visitor management systems are often self-contained closed legacy systems so they allow for no monitoring or communication by the host, staff and campus security.
  • While many campuses require visitors, vendors, part-time staff, independent contractors, and volunteers to go through a criminal record screening the cost, process and timeliness is so prohibitive that this requirement is often overlooked and not executed properly. Even when a campus uses a systems privacy concerns make these systems difficult to access and truly validate from.

Top reasons why IDentifyED’s campus security visitor management system is the best in the industry.

1IDentifyED’ campus security visitor management system works hand in hand with Visitor.Fit, the world’s first subscriber based criminal record validation system.

  • Campus security visitor management system (Fit) allows a visitor to register themselves, pay an annual fee and validate their criminal record. If their criminal record does not meet criteria, an applicant is not provided Visitor.Fit membership.
  • Campus security visitor management system (Fit’s) criteria which is:
  • No felonies
  • No sex offenders
  • No more that 2 misdemeanors in 7 years.
  • Criminal record validation is done both at a national level and in the local counties that the visitor has lived in, in the last 7 years.
  • Fit monitors a member’s criminal record for the entire year of the subscription so if something occurs a Visitor.Fit membership can be revoked.
  • Costs for campus security visitor management (Visitor.Fit) are born by the visitor, so the school pays nothing. The visitor pays an annual fee of $20.
  • A Visitor.Fit membership can be used to validate membership from any Visitor.Fit validation partner, so a Visitor.Fit member need only pay once for membership and validation can be provided with any participating school.

2IDentifyED’s campus security visitor management System supplies an Android, IOS and HTML App, so your school has lots of options when it comes to managing visits and equipment. Campuses can choose the hardware and the method for user registration. We strongly recommend a tablet with a camera, but this can be achieved with a fairly inexpensive tablet. If you need/want a kiosk — kiosk hardware that matches your tablet can be acquired inexpensively.

3Visitors can register a visit online without having to proceed through an “entry point” or “front gate”, this is especially useful with campuses that are very open to the public

4Hosts can register a visitor for a visit. Hosts can be notified that visitor has arrived and escort the visitor, as well as the visitor can be checked out.

5Visitors can check themselves out of the campus security visitor management system.

6IDentifyED’s visitor management system fully integrates with IDentifyED, so that staff and security can identify all visitors, and their visits while this is happening.

7IDentifyED’s visitor management system prints visitor passes to a standard printer format, so schools can select any printer that can comply with the open standard format.

8IDentifyED’s visitor management system allows for a paperless ticketing system for visits that allows a campus to avoid if they wish paper tickets and printers, this is possible because IDentifyED provides Pictures, Names and locations of each and every visitor via the IDentifyED remote monitoring app.

Leveraging IDentifyED’s Complete Campus Security and Safety solution with IDentifyED’ campus security visitor management Management System.

IDentifyED Campus Security Visitor Management API

IDentifyEd has a large library of APIs so that 3rd parties with the proper credentials can interact with IDentifyED.  The campus security visitor management APIs allow the initiation of a visit, the ability to query visitors and the associated visitor data on visitors have made visits, and visitor history.  Visitor Fit allows any 3rd party system to have access to the query: “Is this a valid visitor fit member?”. Campus security visitor management APIs can also provide pictures of all visitors so that facial recognition systems and other systems can identify visitors on campus.

IDentifyED’s Campus Security Visitor Management System the next evolution in campus security.

The campus security visitor management is not a new concept, as a matter of fact it may be one of the very first processes that were established 1000s of years ago. However, the ability to manage and monitor a visitor with a paperless system as they make a visit, the ability to verify whether a visitor has any issues with their criminal record in a way that does not expose the visitor or the enterprise with privacy risks is new. These significant changes are the difference between allowing a visitor to make a monitored and managed visits with visitor validation on to your campus and allowing a sex offender free range to your students.

Integration from your campus SIS

Integration is the best news yet!

IDentifyED has the ability to integrate with your SIS so that we can pull student/user and login roster information as well as in many cases course, teacher and group information.  See the list below. We can also with the Swift Data tool completely integrate with the list of premise access controllers, list below. With the Swift Data tool, we provide not only data synchronization but also workflow and business rule-based intelligence to configure access and to update Kornukopia’s IDentifyED, your SIS and your PACs!

Integration has never been so easy with the IDentifyED campus security visitor management system

Swift Data Auto synch

Clever-Managed Auto Sync

  • Ellucian
  • Peoplesoft
  • Jenzabar
  • Aeries
  • Infinite Campus
  • Illuminate
  • PowerSchool
  • SchoolInsight
  • Skyward

SIS-Managed Auto Sync

  • Aspen SIS
  • Chalkable iNOW (formerly STI) SIS
  • Classe365 SIS
  • Edupoint Synergy SIS
  • eSchoolData SIS
  • Focus SIS
  • Genius SIS
  • edustar SIS
  • Harmony SIS
  • JCampus SIS
  • Jupiter iO SIS
  • Lumen AXSIS SIS
  • MiStar SIS
  • OnCourse Systems for Education SIS
  • ProgressBook (formally DASL for Ohio) SIS
  • Q SIS
  • Realtime Inc. SIS
  • SAM Spectra SIS
  • SchoolBrains SIS
  • Rediker SIS
  • SchoolSpeak SIS
  • School Pathways SIS
  • School Time SIS
  • Sycamore SIS
  • Tyler Schoolmaster SIS
  • Tyler v9 SIS
  • Tyler v10 SIS

Premise access controller smart card IDentifyED update integration list

  • Assa Abloy HID Persona Physical Access Controller
  • Genetec Physical Access Controller
  • Lenel Physical Access Controller
  • Rs2 Technologies Physical Access Controller
  • Honeywell Physical Access Controller
  • Vanderbilt Industries Physical Access Controller
  • Software House Physical Access Controller
  • Brivo Physical Access Controller
  • S2 Security Physical Access Controller

What is so cool about the IDentifyED School ID app?

The IDentifyED App is much more than just a student ID and smart card, IDentifyED’s main goal is to seduce the student with a large series of student engagement apps. These modules/features are completely configurable by the school at the user role level. IDentifyED provides 3 major types of student engagement solutions for your campus:

1Campus safety and security.

  • Student ID
  • Emergency Broadcast
  • Help Requests
  • Location
  • HID SEOS Smart Card
  • Custom App
  • Check-in/Check-out
  • Discipline
  • Reunification
  • Bus
  • Carline
  • Security Operations Tools
  • Hall Pass
  • Say Something
  • Security Policy and Emergency Content Tool

2Campus social networking and communications.

  • User Messaging
  • User/Student Portfolios with:
  • User Message Boards
  • File sharing
  • Contact/roster info sharing
  • Picture sharing
  • Location Sharing
  • Calendar Sharing
  • Messaging
  • Chat
  • Strong privacy and filters
  • Group Message Board
  • Course Message Board
  • Group/Group Messages
  • School Broadcast
  • Chat
  • Group Chat

3Learning tools

  • Grades
  • Attendance
  • Assignments
  • To-dos & Take Home
  • Course Management
  • Group Management
  • Volunteers
  • Discipline
  • Disclosures
  • Calendars

Adjusting to a kinder gentler cost and cutting-edge student ID.

Modules/Systems Security Alternative All Alternatives Identifyed* Identifyed Plus*
Student ID (initial) $6 $6
School ID Replacement/Maintenance $3 $3
Smart Card $8 $8
School ID Replacement Maintenance $4 $4
Emergency Broadcast/School communication Software $3 $3
Dispatch/Help Request Tipline $4 $4
Custom Campus App $3 $3
Student Engagement $5
Student LMS $6
File Sharing $5
Communication Monitoring Software $3
Student Messaging Platform $8
$31 $58 $5-7.5 9-12.50
*2 Options to pay for Kornukopia IdentifyED, the first is the traditional Enterprise license, the second is where the student or parent bares the burden of purchase in which case the cost to the school is limited to a staff only license.

IDentifyED campus security visitor management can integrate with your:

1Kornukopia’s IDentifyED School ID tools easily integrated with your student information system or learning management system so that you can leverage student attendance, course and group rosters to communicate issues to specific users by group and course.

2Kornukopia’s IDentifyED provides students with a suite of student engagement tools and social networking tools in order so that the student use, trusts, and leverage the tool, the more they use it when you need to broadcast to them, the tool is something they are entirely familiar with.

3Kornukopia’s IDentifyEd provides your staff with all the tools that a professional security operation would use and with our apps allows you to put it at the fingers tips of your team, they are, based upon your permission make the School ID, locking down the school and potentially saving lives.

What is holding you back from a campus Security visitor management for your school?

  • You have a visitor management system already, but it does not validate visitors? What is the point of a campus security visitor management system anyway?
  • You don’t have the system.
  • Implementing the campus security visitor management system is quick and easy.
  • The IDentifyEd system cost is easily justified based upon all the other items it replaces.
  • Every minute you wait you create more risk, liability and negligence.
  • With the campus security visitor management system you can start saving lives and communicating to everyone that your campus is safe and secure, today!

What Next?

Imagine the lives you save and the processes you can improve with IDentifyED campus security visitor management system helping you create a better, safer campus.

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