Campus Standard Response Procedure: Shelter

What are your standard response procedures for your organization to seek shelter? What scenarios are important? Are Tsunamis or Avalanches more likely, Hurricanes or Tornados? Having the right set of standard response procedures that allow your organization to understand how and why the shelter procedures are in place for this specific scenario are important. The standard response procedure guidelines are a product of the I Love U Guys Foundation and have been adopted by over 25,000 organizations world-wide.

When a safety threat develops on school campus, sometimes there will be a need to relocate to the safest area designated by your school’s administration. If you find yourself on campus and in need of shelter, do you know where to go?

Different situations can require different shelter locations. Having immediate knowledge of where to go is extremely important when disaster strikes. During severe weather or in case of air contamination, you may need to locate a small, interior room with no or few windows where refuge can be taken.

If there is an active shooter on campus, another approach must be taken. 

IDentifyED is the #1 Complete Campus Security and Safety Resource System used by over 4,000 schools nationwide. When you find yourself in an emergency situation and must find shelter, IDentifyED is at your fingertips to help you.

1An emergency broadcast is triggered alerting everyone on campus that there is need to find shelter.

2The location of the shelter(s) is made known along with the fastest route to get there.

3Everyone is told what to do within the app following the I love U Guys Foundations’ standard response protocol.

4Doors are locked down if required.

5 Attendance is taken, and users are asked to check-in.

6And finally, the “All Clear” is sounded and anxious parents are reunited with their students.

IDentifyED has by default many different embedded standard shelter broadcasts. We looked that the standard response protocol which is simple, and we realize that based upon the numerous shelter strategies that we could put number shelter instructions available for our organizations.


For Example; Your organization would shelter very differently if you were seeking shelter from an earthquake as shelter from a tornado or a chemical spill. It might not always be obvious to your community what they need to prepare for and what exactly the need to do. So we have standard in our service different types of shelter instructions. As all or our systems your organization can modify those instructions for your specific users and your campus.

The other advantage of having many different types of shelter instructions is in the area of drills. As you do drills, you can do drills around specific scenarios, like: tornado, flood, shooter, and landslide. Each time you select a broadcast our system logs the fact that you had this drill so that in the future you can rotate your drills, as well as document that you in fact had specific drills for specific circumstances.

One more note of importance, IDentifyED’s unique check-in feature allows you to check-in people into the custody of people, buses or create unique locations on the fly. If you think about it, in a disaster, the shelters that you planned on may not be available. That scenario creates a great deal of chaos. IDentifyED’s check-in fature allows you to identify and account for people even if your facilities have been completely compromised.

Are you ready to shelter?

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