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Smart Card For Campus Security

Campus Security Smart Card has a long history of providing door access control and identity on campuses. Initially they were not really even smart cards they were cards with magnetic strips(stripes) used to access doors. Similar to what is used in many hotels today (and still in some dorms). Then chips were attached to the plastic and read for their value.  As chips evolved, so did smart cards with more storage and more sophisticated formats and encryption.

Today, there are standards around smart cards, while there are still smart cards out there that do not follow an open standard most cards do, and most customers demand open standards.

Open standard HID SEOS Smart Cards

The HID SEOS standard is considered one of the most secure and standard cards in the world today.  Standards-based cards allow for open systems and open systems provide your campus with the flexibility to adapt to new software, hardware and avoid compatibility and the pitfalls of closed/proprietary systems.

Why open standard Smart Cards

Open standard HID Cards allow you to not fall victim to the pitfalls of proprietary systems, where you have fewer and pricier options from a single vendor who controls your enterprises destiny.

Campus Security Smart Cards are the next evolution: Smart Credentials or Software based smart cards

The very thing that made smart cards a possibility will be responsible for their twilight, technology evolution. With the advent of apps, software as a service, smart devices, Bluetooth, NFC, and digital wallets;  campus security smart cards or their next evolutionary step: smart credentials will become the primary source for identity verification, but the card, the actual plastic is going away.

Campus security smart card on your smart device (phone or tablet)

No longer is it necessary to hold the encrypted value in a piece of plastic (a smart card), we can store it in the smart device or the smart devices digital wallet. No longer is it necessary to have a plastic radio frequency card, we can rely on the NFC and Bluetooth capabilities of the smart device to transmit the information. So, no plastic, , no imprinting plastic, no distributing plastic, no losing plastic or having plastic stolen, no replacing the plastic card when it is lost or stolen.

So, simply stated campus security smart cards are becoming smart credentials. Just like we now get music from downloads and streaming rather than CDs.

Campus Security Smart Cards & School IDs

Campus security smart cards (with the student ID) allow Bluetooth and NFC readers to identify the student. Once identified campus premise access controllers can open doors. Payment systems can allow purchases at POS/registers, laundry machines and vending machines. College book stores and associated vendors can leverage identification for payment as well. With all of its campus applications, student IDs are important in the campus life of the student.

Legacy Systems and Proprietary Cards

Believe it or not, there are still vendors who are selling legacy proprietary systems that do not leverage open standard cards like HID’s SEOs. Why would these vendors not go to open systems? Simply stated; they want to control your entire enterprise; Card readers, Physical Access Controllers, Point of Sale devices, Vending Machines, and laundry machines, and anything else that has to use the legacy proprietary closed identification system will be at their mercy and in turn you at their mercy.

Never fear the wave is turning for open standard smart cards

Many vendors have realized that the open systems are the way to go. It was necessity in the past to have smart cards tied to the payment systems. Today, if you are using a modern payment/transaction system, an open standard HID SEOS card will work just fine.

Savvy campus-leaders have standardized and demanded open standard smart cards

It’s not just the vendors who have wised up, many campuses will not accept anything but an open standard smart card. They have learned their lesson by paying the price to vendors who have control of their readers, pacs, the pos’s and essentially their entire enterprise.

The evolved Student ID/Campus Security Smart Cards

IDentifyed has created the next evolution of School IDs, the Student ID becomes an APP that provides many additional functions on campus. IDentifyED provides all the traditional functionality of a plastic ID; Student Name, Picture, QR or Bar code, and the option to add an integrated software based HID SEOS Smart credential.

Student ID / School ID App

What’s the big deal about an APP? Well, as important as the student ID is, today’s ID is still a piece of plastic or in many cases 2 pieces of plastic (ID and Smart Card). Student’s pictures need to be placed uploaded into a student printing application. Plastic has to be printed. Plastic has to be deployed. Plastic can get lost or stolen. If lost or stolen plastic has to be replaced.

Student self-registration and photo uploads.

Students can upload a favorite picture of themselves (not more waiting in lines), no more photo equipment, no more dedicated staff who spends their days taking pictures of users.  Students can simply enter their campus login and password—without requiring help from campus security or IT. Fill out a simple app form and whammo, student ID. It has never been so easy with the Campus Security Smart Cards!

No plastic campus security smart cards

IDentifyED requires no plastic, no printing, no printers, no printer supplies and no distribution. Thousands of IDs can be created in minutes with little to no administration or cost.

Deploy your HID SEOS Campus security smart cards in hours not months.

IDentifyED is a completely integrated deployment. We can completely integrate with your environment (see description below). Once we have your user information, you are able to designate what users are entitled to a HID SEOS Smart Card. Via a simple admin screen and one click you can deploy or revoke a credential in seconds.

What is required on the user-side to receive an HID SEOS Campus Security Smart Cards?

A user simply logs into their app. We can set it up so that can use their SSO privileges, or your school’s directory service. Once logged in the IDentifyED system recognizes the user and downloads the smart credential behind the scenes, the user does nothing. They now have a button on their ID that allows them to access anything that their smart card can access.

Integration from your campus SIS campus PAC to your smartcard

Integration is the best news yet!

IDentifyEd has the ability to integrate with your SIS so that we can pull student/user and login roster information as well as in many cases course, teacher and group information.  See the list below. We can also with the Swift Data tool completely integrate with the list of premise access controllers, list below. With the Swift Data tool, we provide not only data synchronization but also workflow and business rule-based intelligence to configure access and to update Kornukopia’s IDentifyed, your SIS and your PACs!

Swift Data Auto synch

Clever-Managed Auto Sync

  • Ellucian
  • Peoplesoft
  • Jenzabar
  • Aeries
  • Infinite Campus
  • Illuminate
  • PowerSchool
  • SchoolInsight
  • Skyward

SIS-Managed Auto Sync

  • Aspen SIS
  • Chalkable iNOW (formerly STI) SIS
  • Classe365 SIS
  • Edupoint Synergy SIS
  • eSchoolData SIS
  • Focus SIS
  • Genius SIS
  • edustar SIS
  • Harmony SIS
  • JCampus SIS
  • Jupiter iO SIS
  • Lumen AXSIS SIS
  • MiStar SIS
  • OnCourse Systems for Education SIS
  • ProgressBook (formally DASL for Ohio) SIS
  • Q SIS
  • Realtime Inc. SIS
  • SAM Spectra SIS
  • SchoolBrains SIS
  • Rediker SIS
  • SchoolSpeak SIS
  • School Pathways SIS
  • School Time SIS
  • Sycamore SIS
  • Tyler Schoolmaster SIS
  • Tyler v9 SIS
  • Tyler v10 SIS

Premise access controller smart card IDentifyED update integration list

  • Assa Abloy HID Persona Physical Access Controller
  • Genetec Physical Access Controller
  • Lenel Physical Access Controller
  • Rs2 Technologies Physical Access Controller
  • Honeywell Physical Access Controller
  • Vanderbilt Industries Physical Access Controller
  • Software House Physical Access Controller
  • Brivo Physical Access Controller
  • S2 Security Physical Access Controller

The Student ID/Smart Card that is Never lost and never stolen.

IDentifyed data is housed in the hyper-secured cloud, so the student ID it is never lost, never stolen, and can be revoked (if ever needed) with an administrator’s click of the mouse.  Student loses their phone? No problem. Download IDentifyed to the new phone and login. That’s it. No waiting in line at security, no lost card fees, no printing, no pain and no dedicated resource to issue IDs.

What is so cool about the IDentifyED School ID app?

The IDentifyEd App is much more than just a student ID and smart card, IDentifyEd’s main goal is to seduce the student with a large series of student engagement apps. These modules/features are completely configurable by the school at the user role level. IDentifyed provides 3 major types of student engagement solutions for your campus:

1Campus safety and security.

  • Student ID
  • Emergency Broadcast
  • Help Requests
  • Location
  • HID SEOS Smart Card
  • Custom App
  • Check-in/Check-out
  • Discipline
  • Reunification
  • Bus
  • Carline
  • Security Operations Tools
  • Hall Pass
  • Say Something
  • Security Policy and Emergency Content Tool

2Campus social networking and communications.

  • User Messaging
  • User/Student Portfolios with:
  • User Message Boards
  • File sharing
  • Contact/roster info sharing
  • Picture sharing
  • Location Sharing
  • Calendar Sharing
  • Messaging
  • Chat
  • Strong privacy and filters
  • Group Message Board
  • Course Message Board
  • Group/Group Messages
  • School Broadcast
  • Chat
  • Group Chat

3Learning tools

  • Grades
  • Attendance
  • Assignments
  • To-dos & Take Home
  • Course Management
  • Group Management
  • Volunteers
  • Discipline
  • Disclosures
  • Calendars

Adjusting to a kinder gentler cost and cutting-edge student ID.

Modules/Systems Security Alternative All Alternatives Identifyed* Identifyed Plus*
Student ID (initial) $6 $6
School ID Replacement/Maintenance $3 $3
Smart Card $8 $8
School ID Replacement Maintenance $4 $4
Emergency Broadcast/School communication Software $3 $3
Dispatch/Help Request Tipline $4 $4
Custom Campus App $3 $3
Student Engagement $5
Student LMS $6
File Sharing $5
Communication Monitoring Software $3
Student Messaging Platform $8
$31 $58 $5-7.5 9-12.50
*2 Options to pay for Kornukopia IdentifyED, the first is the traditional Enterprise license, the second is where the student or parent bares the burden of purchase in which case the cost to the school is limited to a staff only license.

Integrating IDentifyED’s School ID with your environment.

In a school system, School ID tools need to leverage great information. Much of that information resides with students, systems, and staff.

1Kornukopia’s IDentifyED School ID tools easily integrated with your student information system or learning management system so that you can leverage student attendance, course and group rosters to communicate issues to specific users by group and course.

2Kornukopia’s IDentifyED provides students with a suite of student engagement tools and social networking tools in order so that the student use, trusts, and leverage the tool, the more they use it when you need to broadcast to them, the tool is something they are entirely familiar with.

3Kornukopia’s IDentifyEd provides your staff with all the tools that a professional security operation would use and with our apps allows you to put it at the fingers tips of your team, they are, based upon your permission make the School ID, locking down the school and potentially saving lives.

What’s next?

Imagine the lives you save and the processes you can improve with IDentifyED’s campus school bus safety system helping you create a better, safer campus.

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