IDentifyED’s Price is:


$12 Per User Per Year $1/month!

$12/User/Year. Yup we just spit it out. It’s that simple, that’s the price, no scare tactics, no nonsense.


About the same price as what it costs you today for one of those plastic IDs. That’s intentional.

We wanted to create safe and secure campuses, no matter what the cost. Our Goal was to be able to say: “About the cost of your Plastic ID today, of course without the replacement cost…” So, we did just that.

Businesses can cover  all your employees, vendors, contractors, if you are a school/university your instructors, students, and even if you want parents and alumni, for a simple $12 ( One Dollar per month).

No minimum, no maximum.

1) Here is the better question… What do WE save? 

At the end of this page we add it all up. If you used a mishmash of systems, devices, or just plain plastic IDs, we figure you would spend at least $15-$30/User/Year. That’s not even figuring into the equation all the on-line services that we provide that you no longer have to provide man-power to handle.

So you save about: $15-$30/User/Year!

2) Second best question… What do WE get?

We list ALL the features you get just page down, you get it all!

That’s right we don’t nickel and dime you, we don’t upsell or cross-sell or come up with some hidden fee.

You can use some, all, or just phase items in as you go, it’s easy with Kornukopia’s IDentifyED.

Basically, you start with everything. However you can implement(phase-in) anything you like in any order you like with any population of users on your campus.

Is there any additional fees?

Yes a few, we charge a per device annual fee for License Plate Recognition Cameras, Facial Recognition Cameras, and IOT sensors. We also market a few modules as standalone if you want to get started with these like Visitor Management ($399/campus/year, if bought by itself, included if you buy the users) and Incident Management ($399/campus/year, if bought by itself, included if you buy the users)). That is detail stuff you can get into with your reseller or our sales people.

Oh, ya… 

One other thing! When you use a system like ours (no one has anything like ours) that does as much as we do in one simple complete package, you get what we call synergies, and instant integration. 

So, it should not surprise you that we do things that no other system can do…


Allow a visitor to request help, register if they are covid-19 vaccinated, do a Covid health check and receive emergency broadcasts… If they need help or answer positively to symptoms, you can respond to your visitors needs immediately with incident response. Oh ya and we can read their license plate and recognize their face as they enter your campus, if you want us to!

Try that with a mishmash solution…

Show me the math on how I get this amazing solution and I save $15-$40, I gotta show my boss!

All of this is included!

A full list of features & benefits of IDentifyED


Completely modular system by user role.

Encrypted communications, and data.

IOS App, Android App and HTML 5 Viewers.

Completely redundant and scalable architecture.

International, fast and nearly infinite scalable communication infrastructure.

System can be white labeled or simply campus branded.

Licenses can be purchased in bulk by the school or individually by the consumer.


User can create ID, so that Organization does not have to.

Encrypted communications, and data.

IOS App, Android App and HTML 5 Viewers.

Completely redundant and scalable architecture.

International, fast and nearly infinite scalable communication infrastructure.

System can be white labeled or simply campus branded.

Licenses can be purchased in bulk by the organization or individually by the consumer.


HID SEOS Open standard with HID SEOS Compatibility.

Simple Admin Activate and Revoke Function.

Integration with many PACs.

Automated SIS to Credential to PAC Workflow System.

Touchless User deployment.

Automated instant revocation.

Physical access.

Payment systems.

Vending Machine.

Blue Tooth Reader Compatible.

NFC Reader Compatible.

Push Button and Twist and Go activation.

Never Lost, Never Stolen.

IOS and Android Compatible.


Help Request Initiated.

Emergency Broadcast System.

Integrated Automated Standard Response Protocol from “I Love U Guys Foundation” used in 25,000 schools.

Critical Event Group Message Boards for Leadership, Emergency Responders, Parents, Instructors and Students.

Authenticated and encrypted chat communication infrastructure.

Attendance Management system integrated into the Event Management System.

Check-in Management Systems that allows everyone to report their location during a critical event, especially if they are not in attendance during a course.

App Emergency Procedure Documentation Content Management System.

Automated Reunification process from “I Love U Guys Foundation” used in 25,000 Corporations, Colleges and Schools.

Reunification Process Delegation System.

Reunification Process Escalation System.

Complete Critical Event Management Documentation System.


Help Request App in the hands of everyone on campus.

Campus Custom Help Requests Functions.

Text, pictures and attachments allowed on Help Request function.

Granular location information with help request.

Course attendance information with help Request.

Contact and emergency contact information with help request.

Allergy and medical alert information.

Handicap help Request.

Auto Accident Help Request.

Pick-up and Escort Help Request.

911 call routing to local campus law enforcement.

911 call routing registers help request with full help request data.

SOC and App monitoring and response tools.

Stored Data for later analytics and predictive response.

Complete status communication tool.

Complete resolution and documentation tool.


Health Check Daily Survey

Campus Tracking via Check-in, Check-out and attendance.

Health Check Positive Symptom Incident Response (respond when someone tells you they may be positive)!

Visitor Health Check Survey

Group and Course Notification Services if transmission is suspected.

Vaccination and Covid-19 Testing Tracking.

Vaccination, testing and awaiting testing flags and ID indicator.

Vaccination and testing Wallet Passes.

Complete Incident Management for documentation.

Custom App and Custom File Share can be updated/created for Covid-19 information, policies and procedures.

Private (non-email) Authenticated and Encrypted messaging platform for confidentiality.

Create Covid-19 Responder and Support groups for information sharing and notification.

SOC and App monitoring and response tools for Covid-19

User Based Covid-19 Customizable Vaccination Registration tool for users

Complete reporting, status communication tool for Campus, Groups or Courses.

Complete resolution and documentation tool.


Help Request monitoring.

Monitor Campus, Organization, School, College and Hospitals.

Emergency Broadcast.

Location Set-up.

Communication Audit and monitoring.

System-wide Standards and broadcasts.

Help Request Status and Resolution Management System.

User Location Monitoring.


Email: Email alerts to everyone’s email account

Text: Reach a user-base with a text regardless of where they are in the world.

App: Provide specific app screens with detailed Standard Response Procedures with both visual, audible and vibrate alarms.

Device Notification Services: Reach the user even if they are not in the app or even logged into their phone.

CAP: Common Alert Protocol

    • Automatically Alert Law Enforcement
    • Automatically Present Alerts to Signage
    • Automatically update 3rd party systems

Facebook: Provide your Facebook community with emergency alerts.

Twitter: Provide your Twitter community with emergency alerts.

Kornukopia Inbox: Each and every user in Kornukopia gets a message in their Kornukopia inbox.

Standard Response Protocol Integration From “I Love U Guys Foundation”

Target specific communities with your emergency alerts, news and broadcasts; College/School System, Campus, School, Group and Filter Broadcast

Security Operations Center controls allows you to present emergency alerts from a professionally staffed central operations center to targeted communities.

App Broadcast: allows you to send emergency alerts from the app of remote staff, law enforcement or leadership.

News & Alerts: create specific detailed information on the fly and present these emergency alerts or informational broadcasts with ease.

Customizable Alerts: create common specific alerts that are specific to your environment that allows your community to have actionable alerts with the touch of a button.


Tips or Say Something integrated with help requests.

Tips can be status and resolution can be tracked.

Anonymous tip system available.

Ability to add notes and attachments.


User ID

Smart Cards

Content delivery

Custom App


Personal Message Board


Group Calendars

On-line hand-in

Volunteer Management

Disclosure Management

Digital Credentials and Tickets in Wallets


Calendar sharing

Group and course message boards


Picture Sharing

File Sharing

Location sharing



Integrated User  Portfolio


Custom app creation can be created and deployed in minutes.

Ability to create custom app from administrative interface

Create custom icons and associate them with URLs or Apps.

Update custom app at any time and immediately updated.


Directories and subdirectories

Multiple file types

HTML Access

App Access


On-line User Vehicle Registration.

Visitor Vehicle Registration.

License Plate Recognition Integration.

Incident Management System with Accident Documentation.

Incident Management  with Citation management system tied into user invoicing.

App-based (user access controlled, usually for security personnel only) License plate look-up with LPR.

Ability to create a campus fee for parking and or registration on campus via the marketplace.

Parking Payment and assignment tool

User able to update and/or change a vehicle.

User ability to print a paper vehicle pass (or Visitor Pass).

User Carline with Reunification Process, Ride Sharing, Parent Delegation, and user issue flagging.


Community (group) and user sourced data providing on-line time-based maps. “What is going on tonite on campus?”

Incident Tracking and Mapping.

Mapping can tie into attendance and Group Check-in, telling you where your community is on campus by time of day.

Create publicly shareable urls for specific maps.

Investigate activity via map report based upon historical data”. What happened on Campus last St. Patrick’s day?

Create filters and date ranges.

Event Mapping by date.

Identify any location, event, transportation or checked in user via mapping.

Create Maps that can be shared to the campus, groups, or held private for specific  users.

Create public/private customizable maps and publish them.

User-based and permission based app location tracking.


Any and Every group can become a vendor and create a marketplace.

Groups (vendors) can share their products/services with only their group or the entire campus.

Vendors can sell physical products like t-shirts, etc.

Vendors can sell event tickets and issue tickets to the user’s wallet.

Citations, Fees and Fines can become “products”  in the marketplace, users can pay for them in the marketplace or a citation, Fee or fine can create an invoice for a user.

Every Group(Vendor) can have it’s own Strip Account and get paid directly to the group’s bank account.

A single user can be invoiced for a product of service and that invoice shows up in their profile, and they can pay the invoice.

A Group (vendor) can create a product or service and invoice all group members.

Campuses can create an invoice and invoice a group of users or a type of users or a graduating class of users.

Campuses can create a common vendor that can sell all types of products and services under one stripe account in order to maintain more control.


License Plate Reads to your vehicle database, that provides for user vehicle registration.

Vehicle Flagging tied to LPR read.

LPR tied to Vehicle/User check-in and check-out of campus.

Upload Sexual Predator vehicle License Plate information and create flags and triggers.

Identify Vehicle information through LPR function on App (available to only authorized users).

Identify vehicles via LPR into the citation management system (app).

License Plate Reads that are tied to the Visitor Management system to identify any registered visitor.

Vehicle incident response tied to flags that activate triggers like incident response or emergency broadcasts.

Triggers tied to LPR for time of day(off Hours) response by security or law enforcement.

Ability to flag and create triggers on unwelcome visitors.

Identify Vehicles via LPR into the Incident Management System.


User ID Wallet Passes

Group ID Wallet Pass (validate group membership)

USER Image on Wallet Pass

User QR Code on Wallet Pass

Wallet-ticketing system tied to Marketplace so that tickets can be sold and issued.

Event Ticket Wallet Pass

USER Credential Wallet Pass (things like “Vaccinated”,  “Faculty”, “VIP”

User Flags resulting in Wallet Pass.

Wallet Pass Check-in/Check-out for any event.

Visitor Wallet Passes


Message Board

Contact Information Sharing

File Sharing

Picture Sharing


Message Inbox/outbox

Location Sharing

Calendar Sharing

Group and Course Message Boards


Group Chat


Monitor Inappropriate Words

Monitor Violent Words

Monitor Weapon Terms

Monitor Sexual Terms

Monitor Drug and Alcohol Terms

Automated tracking and accounting of all terms

Complete communication logging system

Ability to view all communications by sender, receiver, date and time.

Ability to allow auditor to flag communication

Ability to allow auditor to sensor communication

Ability to allow user to flag communication


Document any incident after the incident response system sends out the right responders

Document all people involved in the incident

Document any autos involved in the incident.

Document any injuries.

Document All Auto Accidents

Any property damage

All referrals and follow-up with law enforcement or discipline issues.

Document any lost, stolen or damaged property.

If you are a college categorize everything so that you can have an annual Clery Report!


IOS or Android App/Keosk system.

Integration with Visitor.Fit criminal record validation system.

Printable visitor stickers to open standard printers.

Open hardware architecture.

Visitor Picture and visitor information is gathered.

Visitor automated check-out and reminders.

Text/email digital wallet visitor tickets.

Visitor App

Visitor Monitoring from IDentifyED.


Integration with Visitor.Fit criminal record validation system.

Visitors annually subscribe to their own criminal record checks.

Visitor criminal records are independently verified.

Visitor criminal records are monitored.

Visitor criminal record checks can be leveraged at any Visitor Fit facility.

National and local county criminal record look up.

Specific criminal record specifications to allow for validation.



Assignment Management System

Course Management Portfolio System

    • Course file sharing
    • Course Rostering
    • Course Calendaring
    • Course message boards

Grade Management System

Lesson Plan Management System

Course Attendance System

Confidential Teacher Messaging and Chat


Hall Pass

Car Line

Late Arrival


Bus Management

Early dismissal

Instructors/Coaches Custody







Longitude and Latitude