Virtual communities focused on addiction and recover need a solution for identity, communications, validation, credentials, continuing education, safety and security.

With the Non-Profit Organizations/ Server Organizations IDentifyED App system, Virtual communities focused on addiction and recover have a great needs for their members, and more can be done by engaging your base with great value solutions, You can provide:

  • Create personal and private communications.
  • Establish need and direct efforts
  • Conferences
  • Organization standards
  • Code of ethics
  • Support Groups.
  • Courses to develop skills.
  • Volunteer opportunities

Membership is all about identity, all about being part of something bigger that provides credibility. Members need resources like: continuing education, ability to communicate and partner, and access to groups and resources.

Professional associations and unions serve a specific type of job or professions; however, the members can be very diverse. Younger members who are getting started have greater support needs, and higher expectations when it comes to technology, communication and support. Mature members who are well established, may be looking at different benefits from the system, perhaps providing themselves with credibility, building reputation, recruiting and creating opportunities to share their skills and mentor.

Here as some of the somewhat unique needs of virtual communities focused on addiction and recover communication system:

1Ability to create a virtual community focused on addiction and recovery identification that is easily distributed and easily revoked across your membership base.

2Ability to create and distribute smart cards that are easily distributed and easily revoked across your network. If you use smart cards for access or as a means to manage a payment system, or can provide authentication to shelters or addiction centers.

3Ability to create brand and community with an app/system that provides many features that engage membership.

4Provide support for unique help requests, that may entail any number of issues that extend well beyond security concerns, like labor disputes, payment disputes or other critical issues that your members want to report, and want to make certain they are heard and responded to.

5Provide emergency broadcasts across your membership base. Having the ability to react quickly and communicate to a broadbase of your membership in seconds, not hours provides not only the perception of power, but the reality of power based upon your organization to mobilize in minutes.

6Provide support services from both a centralized and decentralized approach.

7Flexibility to create campus specific help requests, emergency broadcasts, locations, and custom resource apps. IDentifyED is a very customizable solution set in which you can create your own very powerful solution with a large selection of tools.

8Engaging features that members want to use like chat, message boards, file sharing, picture sharing, todos, calendar sharing, location sharing, group management.

9Members can create their own communication dashboard/portfolio where they are able to manage their own communications and reputation. Imagine if Facebook or Linkedin had really useful tools. You can provide that to your members.

Membership loyalty and identity is the value and strength of your Non-Profit organizations/ Server organizations

The issues are obvious:

  • Create Member Identity.
  • Provide Member Communications.
  • Provide Member Support.
  • Demonstrate commitment and value to your members.
  • Share policies, procedures, training and technology breakthroughs.
  • Demonstrate to the world outside your membership base that you are in touch with your members and able to make change quickly.

How does IDentifyED help you with your professional association or union?

The IDentifyEd App is much more than just a member ID and smart card, IDentifyEd’s main goal is to entice members with a large series of member engagement apps. These modules/features are completely configurable by theVirtual communities focused on addiction and recover at the user role level. IDentifyed provides 3 major types of membership engagement solutions for your campus:

1Membership support and security

  • Custom Resource App
  • Check-in/Check-out
  • Discipline
  • Support and Security Operations Tools
  • Policy and Procedure Content Tool

2Campus social networking and communications.

  • User Messaging
  • User/Student Portfolios with:
  • User Message Boards
  • File sharing
  • Contact/roster info sharing
  • Picture sharing
  • Location Sharing
  • Calendar Sharing
  • Messaging
  • Chat
  • Strong privacy and filters
  • Group Message Board
  • Course Message Board
  • Group/Group Messages
  • School Broadcast
  • Chat
  • Group Chat

3Learning tools

  • Grades
  • Attendance
  • Assignments
  • To-dos & Take Home
  • Course Management
  • Group Management
  • Volunteers
  • Discipline
  • Disclosures
  • Calendars

IDentifyED can integrate with your:

1Membership management system

2Directory services, so login and passwords can be the same.

What is holding you back from a Non-Profit organizations / Server organizations system?

  • IDentifyED provides features and modules that no other system can provide.
  • You don’t have the system, you are not providing the services your members expect.
  • Implementing is quick and easy.
  • The IDentifyEd system cost is easily justified based upon all the other items it replaces.
  • Every minute you wait you create more risk, liability and negligence.
  • You can start saving lives and communicating to everyone that your campus is safe and secure, today!

What Next for Non-Profit Organizations /Server Organizations?

Imagine the lives you save and the processes you can improve with IDentifyED Non-Profit Organizations /Server Organizations system helping you create a better, safer non-profit organization.