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Big Picture Overview

IDentifyED Module Overview

IDentifyED Catalog

IDentifyED Critical Event Checklist

Help Request and Incident Response System

Mass and Group Emergency Notification

Covid-19 Management

Wallet Passes and Tickets

Campus Maps

User ID Badge App

HID SEOS Smart Card in APP

Marketplace, Invoicing and Citations

Visitor Management

Autos and Parking

Volunteer Management

Incident Management

Security Operations

Campus Watch

Surveillance Cameras

License Plate Recognition

Facial Recognition

IPVideo Halo Vape Alert Response

Reunification, Custody Management, Custody Exchange

Parent Tools

Stored Value: Dishout

IOT Monitoring and Response

Custom Apps & Procedure Share

Group Management

Secure Campus Social Media & Communications

Custom Apps & Procedure Sharing

Snow Day Checklist

Forms, Registrations, Assessments, & Disclosures

IPVideo Integration Guide