6 easy steps to setup and use IDentifyED


Take 5 minutes to create your organization or school in the IDentifyED System, it’s a simple form but it creates your entire system.

IDentifyED Campus Safety and Security Signup


Options to move your data into the system:

    1. Allow Users to Self-Register to IDentifyed, this gets you most of the data without you having to do anything at all.
    2. Let us integrate and automate updates from your HR System, ERP, Organizations Directory or your school or colleges SIS with strong data integration and business workflow rules, this automation allows you to maintain your system automatically all year long.
    3. Integrate your system with our set of REST APIs.
    4. Simply upload your information from CSV files.
IDentifyED Campus Safety and Security Application


Select your user roles and modules. Quick and easy, change at any time.

IDentifyED Campus Safety and Security Mobile Interface


Configure IDentifyED to your specific organizations’ needs, like modules, look-feel and emergency policies and documents, and simple other options.

IDentifyED Campus Safety and Security Ipad


Customize IDentifyED’s system to meet your specific processes and reporting needs, like selecting the type of help requests, emergency broadcasts, locations, groups, courses, and how you want your custom campus app to include.

IDentifyED Campus Safety and Security Easy to Use


Tell your boss you spent the last week (really less than a few hours depending on how fast you can type) to get IDentifyED working and see how impressed they are!

IDentifyED Campus Safety and Security Reports