Campus and School Criminal Record Screening.

2.5% of the US’s voters,  could not vote due to a felony conviction.

.3% of the population is a registered sex offender.

Who is visiting or a member of your campus?

What if there was a way?

What if there was a way to set a simple criteria for your campuses visitor criminal and sex offender requirements and simply have a third party manage all that?

This way you don’t have to deal with any privacy concerns (FCRA).

You don’t have to dedicate a person to look at all that private and personal data.

This way you don’t have to rely on an individual to make those determinations.

Visitors are either in, or they are out, because Visitor Fit manages the process and makes the decision based upon Your Criteria!

What if there was a way for the visitor to pay for the criminal record screening, and use that one screen on any campus that accepts Visitor Fit!

Visitor Fit is the way!

How does Visitor.Fit work?

Visitor.Fit allows an applicant of the Visitor.Fit Service to:

  • To apply for membership
  • Pay an annual fee
  • Fit validates the applicant’s criminal record.
  • If the applicant’s criminal record does not meet criteria, an applicant is not provided Visitor.Fit membership — If they do, they are provided membership.

Visitor.Fit’s criteria is:

  • No felonies
  • No sex offenders
  • No more that 2 misdemeanors in 7 years.
  • Or you provide the criteria!

Top reasons why Visitor Fit’s criminal record screening is the best in the industry.

Criminal record and sex offender validation is done both at a national level and in the local counties.

The user’s driver’s license, state ID, or passport is verified to confirm identity. We verify the documents. We also ask for a selfie and verify that their face matches the face on the document.

A Visitor.Fit membership can be used to validate criminal record screening from any Visitor.Fit verification partner, so a Visitor.Fit member need only pay once for membership and verification can be provided with any participating campus or school.

Costs for Visitor.Fit are born by the visitor, so  your organization pays nothing. The visitor pays an annual membership fee of $24.99.

Visitor.Fit at no time compromises the visitor privacy or conveys any personal information, they meet the criteria or they do not. A visitor is either a member or they are not a member. You can require a visitors record is continuously monitored or done annually.

Visitor Management is a breeze and super easy because IDentifyED provides all Visitor Fit Verification partners with a FREE state of the art, visitor management platform. That’s right implement Visitor Fit and we provide the entire visitor management platform free of charge!

Campus Security Visitor Management with Integrated Visitor Fit, for campus criminal record screening.

IDentifyED provides a fully integrated, fully featured and state of the art visitor management platform.

This visitor management platform is provided free of charge to any participating Visitor Fit Verification Partner. Check out the many state of the art visitor management features and get ready to throw away that darn sticker printer. visitor management platform.

What is holding you back from a Campus Security Visitor Fit System?

  • Criminal validation of visitors with no expense to your campus.
  • Fit members pay a nominal fee but can use membership at any campus security visitor fit participating service provider.
  • Visitors are validated at both the local and national level.
  • Your campus is secure from felons and sex offenders.
  • Visitor privacy is assured because you do not hold any criminal information.
  • Your people are not burdened or liable for any determinations based upon a person’s criminal record.

Imagine a more secure campus with criminal record screenings  automated thanks to Visitor Fit!


  • You paid high fees daily to verify visitor’s criminal records.
  • If you did not pay, you took the risk of allowing felons and sex offenders onto your premise.
  • A visitor’s privacy could be compromised and your organization could be held accountable.


  • Visitors show their Campus Security Visitor Fit Membership.
  • Your campus security visitor fit management system validates membership.
  • You are assured that you are not allowing any felons or sex offenders into your premise.
  • Since you never get private information you can never compromise anyones privacy.

What is so cool about the IDentifyED School ID app?

The IDentifyEd App is much more than just a student ID and smart card, IDentifyEd’s main goal is to seduce the student with a large series of student engagement apps. These modules/features are completely configurable by the school at the user role level. IDentifyed provides 3 major types of student engagement solutions for your campus:

1Campus safety and security.

  • Student ID
  • Emergency Broadcast
  • Help Requests
  • Location
  • HID SEOS Smart Card
  • Custom App
  • Check-in/Check-out
  • Discipline
  • Reunification
  • Bus
  • Carline
  • Security Operations Tools
  • Hall Pass
  • Say Something
  • Security Policy and Emergency Content Tool

2Campus social networking and communications.

  • User Messaging
  • User/Student Portfolios with:
  • User Message Boards
  • File sharing
  • Contact/roster info sharing
  • Picture sharing
  • Location Sharing
  • Calendar Sharing
  • Messaging
  • Chat
  • Strong privacy and filters
  • Group Message Board
  • Course Message Board
  • Group/Group Messages
  • School Broadcast
  • Chat
  • Group Chat

3Learning tools

  • Grades
  • Attendance
  • Assignments
  • To-dos & Take Home
  • Course Management
  • Group Management
  • Volunteers
  • Discipline
  • Disclosures
  • Calendars

What Next?