How can I learn more about Kornukopia and IDentifyED?

So, our philosophy is this.

We work extremely hard to make our user interfaces and our processes extremely simple and extremely intuitive.

That being said, our system is extremely powerful and provides an enormous set of features.

We go out of our way to label everything, keep processes simple and make administrative changes obvious. Sometimes we do simple things to keep our customers out of trouble, so if you ask sometimes why can’t I do that? There is a probably a very reasonable explanation why.

Most of the time you see it on the page, it’s probably because you don’t have permission to see it, or the license.

IDentifyED Campus Safety and Security Corporate

We work to always provide a complete set of training tools for you to use our system.

Here are our tools that are available.

Online Tutorials

We provide an extensive tutorial library walking you through implementing and administrating Kornukopia/IDentifyED.

Admin Guide

We provide an admin guide, to help you look up how do administrative things.

User Demo’s

We provide an extensive library of demos for admins, techs, teachers, students, and parents.

On-site training and hands-on support

If you want it we can come out and help, we can also provide remote support for data integration and custom projects.

An amazing set of Reseller/Integrators

Who can provide training.

On-boarding Sherpas

Whose job it is to be your guide to a successful implementation.

PowerPoint Presentations

For you to train your staff and your students.