“Wow, I had to stop them and ask half way through the presentation and ask, is this one product? What does it cost? When I got the answer I thought, this is going to save a lot of lives and a lot of dollars”.

“We like, all schools want to not just demonstrate and document our school’s safety and security but save lives, there is no question if we implement IDentifyED, we will save lives.”

“I was dreading what is was going to take to distribute school IDs, and smart cards (not to mention manage replacements) this year, IDentifyED will take care of all of this in minutes not months. We really don’t have to do very much, the students love it, and we are saving a ton. We were able to reallocate the resources that spent all the time making and replacing IDs and smart cards onto campus to help secure our students! Everyone wins!”

“I hate to say it but we encountered a “critical event” last year, that resulted in some unfortunate consequences: student safety, reputation, and litigation. When we did a root cause analysis, IDentifyED was the only tool that was going to address all of our concerns.”

“The modules and features they bring to the table during a critical event are a game changer, I have not seen anything like it. My “legacy” emergency broadcast vendor was at a loss for words”

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IDentifyED Campus Safety and Security Woman