We provide a large network of Reseller/Integrators who can assist you with your implementation, maintenance, support and purchase. We provide a 90 day trial period in which you can use our entire suite of services, please try everything. If you like what you see contact a reseller/integrator or use our license management platform.

While quantity discounts apply here is a summary of our pricing for base level purchases:

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School license pricing is for a base platform and up to 500 users, quantity discounts apply past 500, please contact a reseller for a quote.

Product School Purchase Enterprise Price Part Number
1 IDentifyED & Calendar Base Server & 100 users $750.00 ID-EDU-100
2 IDentifyED & Calendar 101-500 Users $7.50 ID-EDU-500
3 Social & Calendar Base Server &100 Users $750.00 KS-EDU-100
4 Social & Calendar 101-500 Users $7.50 KS-EDU-500
5 LMS & Calendar Base Server &100 Users $750.00 KLC-EDU-100
6 LMS & Calendar 100-500 Users $7.50 KLC-EDU-500
7 Identifyed Plus Base Server & 100 Users $1250.00 IDP-EDU-100
8 Identifyed Plus 101-500 Users $12.50 IDP-EDU-500
9 Premium Base Server & 100 Users $1500 KP-EDU-100
10 Premium 101-500 Users $15 KP-EDU-500

Individual license pricing, schools must buy a base license, but then can require all other users to purchase their own individual license (so, the schools cost is only for the first 100-500 users), or a school can purchase an enterprise license for all the applicable users.

Product Individual Purchase License Price Part Number
1 Identifyed and Calendar Individual Purchase License $8.00 ID-EDU-SU
2 Social and Calendar Individual Purchase License $8.00 SC-EDU-SU
3 LMS and Calendar Individual Purchase License $8.00 LMS-EDU_SU
4 Identifyed Plus Individual Purchase License $12.00 IDP-EDU-SU
5 Premium Individual Purchase License $16.00 KP-EDU-SU
6 Premium Parent Individual Purchase License $12.00 KPP-EDU-SU


We have an amazing team of locally and nationally engaged resellers who are able to provide local innovative and customized sales and support. They learn our customer’s environments and they provide solutions that extend well beyond our software systems.

We felt that embracing local resellers in the education marketplace, while innovative, was the right answer. Our products and systems span the Edtech chasm between LMS/SIS, to School IDs/Smart Cards, and can touch basic facility components like; video cameras and fire alarms. So, integrators can really make a difference for your environment.

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That being said, our reseller channel does not win or lose alone, none of us do. We are there with them to help you succeed every step of the way.

On a rare occasion, we are asked to provide direct sales support. Typically, this is with one of our amazing technology, alliance or joint venture partners who provide turn-key exciting solutions that would not be possible without a focus on the customer’s needs and willingness to partner, innovate and share the work.

As always contact us, talk to us and we will attempt to do the right thing for you, and your needs.

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