IDentifyED Campus Safety and Security John Shine

John Shine

Founder & CEO

Kornukopia was John’s brain child and has grown from a simple idea to a life mission. Starting as a technical engineer with AT&T 30 years ago, John has always had an interest in technology. John has started, sold and continues to run multiple businesses and internet start-ups. John’s past corporate experience includes AT&T, Verizon, Genuity, BBN Planet, IBM and PricewaterhouseCoopers. He holds an BS/MIS from Fairfield University, an MBA/MIS from St. Peter’s College and a MCPM form George Washington University.

IDentifyED Campus Safety and Security Jason Seibert

Jason Seibert

VP Sales

Jason’s team manages satisfaction and support for Kornukopia’s partners. Jason works closely with our resellers, integrators and technology partners to deliver world-class solutions to our customers. Jason has held many positions in business and is a well-respected business leader and entrepreneur in his own right. Jason is able to identify and develop business partners who are able to appreciate Kornukopia’s value and communicate it to the marketplace that allows them to help achieve our greatest mission. Safer schools and campuses.

IDentifyED Campus Safety and Security Ted Finch

Ted Finch

VP, Marketing

Ted is one of the top channel and marketing experts in the high-tech industry, having help launch over 450 products into the channel for over 200 vendors (Microsoft, HP, Adobe, Corel, Intel, Aldus, Epson, AOL, WordPerfect, Novel, Autodesk, Citrix, IBM, Sony, Disney, Mitsubishi, Lotus, DCA, Netscape,3M, GE, Motorola, BigCommerce, Apple, Compaq, Leadmaster, Alias, IQ Tech Pros, Boeing, AMF, Ingram Micro, NEC, Toshiba, AOL, Western Digital, ATI, Disney, Iomega, Ashton Tate, Lotus, Creative Labs, PTC plus over 70 start-ups and mid-sized companies with retail, enterprise and SaaS products). He started in the animation industry (competing with Hanna Barbara and Disney–while heading up a 350 person sales force), is a former VP of Sales and Marketing with TAC (now called MarketStar) with over 2,300% growth, a VP Marketing at Goldmine Software (doubled in size 10 consecutive years), VP Marketing at $4 billion Harcourt (Seaworld, Neiman Marcus, Harcourt Education), Sr. VP Marketing Metrowerks (over 90% market share for dev tools), Sr. VP Marketing at $33 billion Motorola, VP Marketing at $130 billion GE, wrote the marketing plan and helped form Red Storm Entertainment with Tom Clancy (press event held on the USS Nuclear Sub Cheyenne), led the marketing team that published AOL and wrote the marketing plan and published Netscape Navigator, the #1 best-selling software in the world at the time that inaugurated the .com era. He has helped raise over $27 million in funding, gone through five successful acquisitions, been quoted in over 100 books and publications, including Marketing Computers, Entrepreneur Magazine, CNN, Internet World, Computer Reseller News, VAR Business, ABC, CBS, Business Week, Software Success, Channel Advocate, Tom Siebel’s “CyberRules,” “In Search of Stupidity,” and wrote the forward and contributed content for, “The Product Marketing Manager’s Handbook for Software.”

IDentifyED Campus Safety and Security Nicole Lacina

Nicole Lacina

VP, Easter Region Sales

Nicole is responsible for direct and indirect sales in the eastern US. Nicole and her team are focused on world-class sales and service with our partners.

IDentifyED Campus Safety and Security default

Earl Edwards

VP, Western Region Sales

Earl is responsible for direct and indirect sales in the western US. Earl and his team are focused on world-class sales and service with our partners.

IDentifyED Campus Safety and Security Nitin Jain

Nitin Jain

VP, Development

Nitin is responsible for system and app development for Kornukopia’s entire product line. He directs the efforts, manages product development, change management and over quality.

IDentifyED Campus Safety and Security MD Shadman

MD Shadman

Manager, App Development Team

MD is a a seasoned App developer and UX design professional who has worked on many different and varied apps. Today he and his team has designed and developed Kornukopia’s IDentifyED, LMS, Calendar, Social, Saysomething and Visitor Management apps.

IDentifyED Campus Safety and Security Ravi Pandey

Ravi Pandey

Manager, System & API Development

Ravi Pandey is the manager of the system and API Development team and in his own rights a seasoned full stack developer and database/API design and development professional. Ravi’s team is responsible for all the system and API development work for Kornukopia.