We provide a help desk that allows you to ask any question. We may not have answers to questions that we do not relate to us, but we understand that your questions are important to you, so ask them. We try our best to help in every way. Quality support is quality product and everyone at Kornukopia has done customer support at one time.

We have a number of ways to help you get implemented (on-board) along with partners who can provide some amazing solutions that go beyond our system and extend into your enterprise. So, ask, please.

IDentifyED Campus Safety and Security Help Desk

Our Help Desk services are free for the first 90 days of service, so that we can help you get onboard. If you need more extensive support or want support past the 90 days we can provide support for admins, staff and even student helpdesk support, if you want.

Rates are reasonable and support is able to be sized to your unique needs.

IDentifyED Campus Safety and Security Support