Help Request and Incident Response

IDentifyED’s Incident response system is the fundamental building block for any campus safety and security system, without it you are flying blind.

The Incident Response module allows campuses to respond to emergencies, help requests and tips with best in class  tools and processes. Your responders, processes and procedures are only has good as the tools that allow them to respond.

”We thought we had a solid campus security program, then we realized that without an incident response system, how would we possibly initiate a critical event?

No vendor comes close to what IDentifyED provides.. “

Basic Problem:

Most Campuses don’t have an Incident Response system, it’s important to save lives, and document response.

One thing is for certain, you need a system to respond and document issues. Whether it’s a leaking toilet, an allergy attack, a fallen tree, or something far more serious.

Without an incident response system you can’t alert and provide the proper response from the proper responders.

Incident Response is the glue that is usually missing…

We see this all the time on almost all types of campuses, someone mentions that they want to get alerts from somewhere or something (a person, a device, a manager, or even a fire alarm). However  we get this glassy eyed look, that we immediately recognize as…

Some will tell us they will call 911. Well, that will hopefully get emergency responders, but how long will it take? How do you manage a response on campus in seconds, because most of the time that is all the time you have.

Researchers found that the average police response time was around 10 minutes.2 Department of Homeland Security research revealed that the average duration of an active shooter incident at a school is 12.5 minutes yet the average response time for law enforcement is 18 minutes.

10-18 minutes — How many things can happen in 10-18 minutes.

“Well, if we get an alert, we don’t have a way to respond!”

or worse even, they get alerts from multiple sources, and don’t have a consolidated system and process in order to respond. So, the alerts go unanswered or maybe even worse when an alert occurs panic ensues.

Incident Response if the first think you need!

For us it’s the most basic item on any campuses safety and security list, and amazingly it’s the most common item that does not exist on the majority of many campuses. This problem is so common that many campuses don’t even understand how deep the issue is until they have a solution that resolves it.

You will see when you implement

Once we implement a true incident response system, the lights go on, and everyone immediately recognizes that this was such a critical piece that literally no one understood how important it really was, until they have it.

Incident Response Systems save lives, and reduce liability

Incident Response Systems also protect your campus from liability/civil litigation.

Your campus has an obligation to protect it’s members. When you do respond. Do you have a system that documents your response? Without a system that documents response, you are ill equipped to defend your heroic efforts.

Unfortunately, after the event, if there was an issue, another set of individuals get to second guess your heroic response — the attorneys. Having a user centric help request system that ties to a state-of-the-art world-class incident response system is critical.

Our incident response system goes one step further…

After the response, the incident is then referred to our world-class incident management system. Your campus staff can document, who, what, where, when, what auto, what violations, what crimes, what fees/fines, and many other items. The documentation system provides an audit trail from the initial help request to the mitigation steps are taken post response.

The insurance companies love it, the plaintiffs attorneys… well not so much!

So, many incident response systems just do 1/2 the job. Here is what we do. Please compare us!

Our Incident Response is a BIG list and we do so many sophisticated things that you may want to start small and expand.

The key here is to be able to expand, rather than be restricted by the limitations of a system that does not provide enterprise class support and services.

  1. Sophisticated enterprise class incident response system.
  2. A vital component of any critical event triage.
  3. User Apps that provide users with daily uses engaging them daily so that when they need help they know where to turn.
  4. Responder Apps that provide incident response status, location, critical user information, location information, streaming video and push to talk.
  5. Tablet based incident response devices placed through out your enterprise.
  6. Video streaming available for remote monitoring for responders both on premise and in security operations centers.
  7. Includes user information, allergy and medical alerts, emergency contact, location, and status/close.
  8. Integrated Incident Management Reporting  documentation.
  9. Assign responders to specific help requests.
  10. Assign help requests to specific users.
  11. Help requests initiated by a user, or on behalf of a user.
  12. Help requests can be modified at any time.
  13. Campus recovery crowd sourcing.
  14. Includes mapping, allergy and medical alerts, emergency contact, location check-in, Long/Lat Mapping, status and resolution.
  15. SOC, App and browser tools.
  16. App tools for mobile emergency response
  17. Types: Injury, Medical, Transport, Maintenance, Tip, Animal, Weather, Gun, 911, Overdose, Hazing, Property Damage, and Custom.
  18. Customizable and event based adaptive help request types that can easily modified on the fly, for example; Before, during and after a hurricane.
  19. After a major event (like a hurricane) your campus will have the ability to crowd source intelligence from the help request system and deploy resources based upon community insight.
  20. Responders get texts,  html access, device notification, and app alerts.
  21. Campus Watch best in class visualization and mapping tool.
  22. Escalation and automated Emergency broadcast.
  23. Integrated automated alerts from IOT devices and sensors.
  24. Triggers on help requests and automated alerts that create incidents where many would be missed or undocumented.
  25. Integrated Flagged Triggers that can identify people and automobiles that create a predetermined threat level, creating an automated incident response.

Nothing like IDentifyED

Kornukopia’s IDentifyED system is unique in many ways, so how does IDentifyED provide so many features and how does that effect IDentifyED’s Incident Response system?

We challenge  you to find a more complete system!

All of IDentifyED’s system integrates with all features and systems, IDentifyED Help Request and  Incident Response System is no different.

Integrates into the platform in order to provide a complete offering, unlike any other offering in the market today.

Compare what we have to offer:

IDentifyED provides the most complete solution for campus management in the market.

Let’s get started, today!

IDentifyED can be rolled out in many different ways, that allows you to phase-in our capabilities. You can start with a group of people, or a specific feature set, and then add items as you wish. It’s simple, easy, and provides a huge set of valuable tools. As your campus grows and becomes safer, IDentifyED grows with you.

The sooner you get started the safer you will be.

Now, right now is the perfect time.

The funding is available.

The understanding and sensitivity is being embraced by your campus.