Halo Vape Detection, Response and Incident Management

Halo Vape Detection from IPVideo, Response and Incident Management with IDentifyED’s #1 Complete Campus Safety and Securit system provides a complete vape detection and response system. User’s in transit are accounted for by the IDentifyED Hall Pass Management System. Halo alerts are directed to the IDentifyED Incident response system and specific responders are alerted to a specific location for enforcement with the IDentifyED Incident Management System.

IPVideo’s Halo Vape Detection, Response and Enforcement.

A vape detection system works in concert with a strong incident response  system. People will soon realize that the vape detector can detect the issue but your organization needs strong tools to manage a thorough response system.

Once an incident with the Halo Vape Detection and IDentifyED works your people through the incident response. IDentifyED’s Incident Management System allows you to document all the information associated with the people, the process, the issues and manage the discipline issues. Strong reporting helps you to understand the issues that are occuring that the Vape Detector is able to identify.

IP Video’s Halo Vape detector is able to not only detect vaping, but vaping with THC, CO issues, Vandalism and Aggressive Sounds from room and intimate areas like bathrooms where video surveilance is not an option.

Justifying the cost and getting the most leverage from your campuses Vape Detection  system.

For too many campuses, are plagued with the latest trend, vaping as well as vaping with marijuana (THC) campuses across the country need to put an end to the issues often perpetrated in restrooms. Imagine if the only way you could monitor violence, vaping and vaping marijuana is by personally entering and monitoring the restrooms? What a horrible invasion of privacy?

The way to think about vape detectors is that it detects and deters the wrong behavior. The Halo Vape Detector is also able to monitor loud noises, and alert you if someone is attempting to tamper with the device.  Many organizations have realized improvements in restroom maintenance and further delinquency.

Here is a simple list of some types of Emergency Broadcast Notice and Alert

Best in Class Vape detection system.

Instant Vape  Alerts to IDentifyED’s Incident Response system.

Incident Response system.

Incident Management Reporting system.

Hall Pass Management Module.

Configure specific responder groups to incidents.

Identify repeat offenders.

Provide offense notification and discipline consequences.

What are the essential functions of a campus incident response system?

1Incident Response goes much further than Vape Alerts:

  • Vape Alerts
  • Allergy Alerts
  • Injuries
  • Fights
  • Crimes
  • Shootings
  • Flagged users
  • Sexual Assault
  • Bullying
  • Tips
  • Maintenance issues
  • Safety concerns
  • Request escort
  • Request transport
  • Many other custom solutions

2Ability to send to:

  • Campus Security Operations
  • Remote Responders
  • Designated Groups of Responders
  • Caseworkers
  • Security Officers

3Alert Responders with:

  • Security Operations Center Monitors
  • Remote Apps
  • Texts
  • Emails
  • Device notification services

3Respond with Critical Information

  • Provide vital information about:
  • Users
  • Location
  • Allergies
  • Medical Alerts
  • Emergency Contacts
  • Alert types
  • Camera locations
  • Status
  • Close Codes
  • Narratives

3Complete Incident Management Documentation:

  • Incident Report
  • Discipline Report
  • Personal Injury
  • Law Enforcement Referral
  • Clery Act Reporting
  • Auto Accidents
  • Unsafe Conditions
  • Maintenance issues
  • Lost, damage or stolen property.

Benefits of a Complete Campus Safety and Security System

A complete suite of critical event tools that allow you to manage an important event after the emergency broadcast has occurred. Like:

  • Help Request
  • Emergency Broadcast
  • Attendance
  • Check-in
  • Emergency procedures and policy documents available inside the app.
  • Critical Event message boards by user groups: parents, students, faculty, leadership, and law enforcement.
  • Secure Chat and Secure Group Chat for secure conversations during an event.
  • Custom App that can provide referenceable assistance URLS.
  • All Clear and Reunification notifications.
  • Complete Reunification tools set.
  • Help request on behalf of a user for triage, response, and accounting for individuals during reunification.
  • Delegation and escalation tools embedded inside the reunification system.

Benefits of a robust set of  Alert tools

  • Reliable broadcast tools response tools save lives, reduces risk, and reduces liability.
  • Robust broadcast documentation allows for reduced liability, improved processes, and strengthens justification of actions in litigations issues.
  • Strong broadcast tools with the standard response protocol save lives, reduces risk, reduces panic in an event, reduces liability and litigation risk.
  • Robust location tools allow a campus to respond quickly, saving lives and reducing risk, understand where incidents occur, where resources and needed and allows for schools to better leverage resources in the right locations.
  • Reliable, flexible mobile and HTML tools allow the organization whether it is an emergency broadcast or members of the staff, to leverage resources in and outside of the school.
  • Powerful tools provide vital data that allows emergency broadcast and emergency responders with excellent information to support sound decision making.

Vape Detection, Alert and Response Competitors

Today, while there are a few limited vape detection solutions with even more limited distribution, no Vape Detection Solution has the advantages of connecting to a true enterprise-class Campus Safety and Security System, like IDentifyED.


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