So, many ideas, direction and features come from our customers. If you think about it, that is where they are supposed to come from.

Every time we hear a suggestion from a school, we have trained ourselves to stop what we are doing and ask how to make it better, why is it needed and how should it be delivered.

If we seem like we are trying to have you help us make our product. If it seems like we are interested in using your expertise to make your product better, well, yes, we are. We admit it.

IDentifyED Campus Safety and Security Customer

We need your help and expertise to make our product better. So, please tell us what can be done to make things better, what does not work properly or what is a way to provide important features that would help you to run your school, campus or lives better.

At the end of every year, we give out prizes for the most innovative, the best fine tuning, and the best quality improvement suggestions.

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IDentifyED Campus Safety and Security Innovation