Covid-19 Software

Covid-19 Software should be an integrated piece of your campuses safety and security system .

Vaccines, Variants, and all the other things to worry about, starting back to a campus that works to protect everyone is a real challenge.

Campuses need to safe guard all members of the campus, visitors, vendors and volunteers. There are a great deal of Covid Health Check solutions.

IDentifyED goes well beyond basic health check. As alway you can implement the pieces of IDentifYED that are right for your campus, whether it is a K-12 school, college, hospital, corporate campus, government facility or even a military base.

Here are some of the basics of Covid-19 Functions:

  1. Health Check
  2. Infection Response
  3. Infection Tracking and Tracing
  4. Testing
  5. Vaccination Tracking


Covid-19 Software Basic Problem 1: Screen & Respond

One thing is for certain, you must screen for Covid-19 with campus members and visitors to your campus. Not just screen, but respond to positive responses, track and trace transmission issues, and communicate to those who have possibly been infected.

Covid-19 Software Basic Problem 2: Tracking, Tracing, Communicating, Reporting and Procedures

What if you do get a positive response from a screening question, or member of your campus has positive Covid-19 test what does the system and your people do? When you ask the one question, all of a sudden it all becomes clear that a simple screening questionnaire is well, a simple screening questionnaire, all it does it tell you that there might be a problem! Now What?

Covid-19 Software Basic Problem 3: Vaccinations and Testing ID Proof

What if you have a member of your community who tested positive for Covid, OR How do you manage who is vaccinated and who is not? Are you able to ask that question and manage the risk for visitors as well as for your community? With IDentifyED you can.

We provide Identity flagging and vaccine wallet passes for those who have been tested and those who have been vaccinated. We can also create flags and passes for those who have not. Passes along with “Flags” that show up discretely on the ID can expire and simply disappear.

Many screening tools sometimes referred to as “school or Covid or campus pass or screening tools” are wrought with inherent issues, they can be a lot of money for very little value.

Wouldn’t it be better to find a more comprehensive tool that makes your campus safer all around than throwing on another band-aid?


Here is a simple list to consider for Covid-19 Policies and Procedures

  • Screen everyone
  • Positive response, need a response system.
  • Have a form of Tracking and Tracing
  • Integrate Covid-19 process into your campus safety and security infrastructure; Cameras, Thermal Cameras, Facial Recognition Cameras, License Plate Recognition Cameras, Card Access, Course Attendance, Group Attendance and event attendance.
  • Reporting needs to go far beyond survey responses.
  • Have a communication tool for campuses, groups, courses, and other events.
  • If possible find tools that engage the user, a Covid survey will not engage your users.
  • Consider a Complete Campus Safety and Security System


COVID 19 Software Features

  • Screen everyone online
  • Positive responses have triggers that create an incident response and can be managed bu the internal Incident Management System.
  • IDentifyED’s identity, attendance and check-in functions allow your campus to do true tracking and tracing.
  • IDentifyED’s campus safety and security infrastructure allow you to leverage; Cameras, Thermal Cameras, Facial Recognition Cameras, License Plate Recognition Cameras, Card Access, Course Attendance, Group Attendance and event attendance.
  • IDentifyED’s Covid-19 Software Reporting system provides you with health checks for visitors, courses, groups and events. Reports follow responders with responses.
  • IDentifyED’s state of the art campus communication system provides emergency broadcasts, group broadcasts, course broadcasts, message boards and one-to-one messaging that is secure and auditable for campuses, groups, courses, and other events.
  • IDentifyED’s tool set engages the user for all daily events not just Covid-19 Survey, a Covid survey will not engage your users.
  • IDentifyED can provide a vaccination schedule for all vaccines.
  • IDentifyED’s Flagging Identity system allows you to flag users who are infected, vaccinated or awaiting test results.
  • IDentifyED’s Wallet Pass systems for Android and IOS allows you to distribute vaccination, and testing passes to individuals that designate when, who, expiration and allow you to scan a QR code.
  • IDentifyED is a Complete Campus Safety and Security System

Kornukopia’s IDentifyED system is unique in many ways, so how does IDentifyED provide a World-Class best of breed Covid-19 Software?

All of IDentifyED’s system integrates with all features and systems, IDentifyED the Covid-19 Software  is no different.

Integrates into the platform in order to provide a complete offering, unlike any other offering in the market today.

Compare what we have to offer:

  1. IDentifyED’s Covid-19 Campus Screening tool is integrated and screens EVERYONE. Visitor Management, User Management, Volunteer Management, and Vendor Management.
  2. IDentifyED’s Covid-19 Campus Screening tool is integrated into our incident response and management system, so response is part of the system. Most screening tools only provide a survey and maybe a report. So, by the time you find a positive response everyone in contact with that person is either infected or needs to be quarantined! IDentifyED’s Incident response and incident management system provides a response, management and documentation system for your entire campus regardless of the issue, we have of course integrated our covid-19 screening tool into the response and management system. So, a positive response to a question means immediate response to identify and isolate.
  3. IDentifyED’s Tracking and Tracing system provides insight for the entire campus everyday not just for Covid-19. IDentifyED’s check-in, attendance and location services provide insight into who that person has come in contact with before and after they report symptoms.
  4. IDentifyED’s Covid-19 Campus Screening tool integrates with your building and emergency response infrastructure, our system is tied to Cameras, Thermal Cameras, Facial Recognition Cameras, License Plate Recognition Cameras, Card Access, course attendance, group attendance and event attendance. You do not have to rely on just people and processes, if you have the tools inherent to your campus, you now can get greater value from those tools and a safer campus.
  5. IDentifyED’s Covid-19 Campus Screening tool provides complete campus-wide reports about everything, not just Covid-19. If a member of campus or visitor attended an event and reported symptoms, who was at the event, when and where was the event? IDentifyED will tell you.
  6. IDentifyED’s State of the art Emergency Broadcast, and Group Notification systems provide secure and specific communication to campus, groups, event attendees, course attendees, wherever they are whenever you need to communicate to them.
  7. IDentifyED’s system is a tool used by everyone on campus for almost everything, so integrating the covid-19 health check into the tool is natural and easy for your users. What good is a tool that no one uses? IDentifyED provides compelling reasons for your users to use the tool every day, because users need it and like it.
  8. IDentifyED’s Covid-19 Campus Screening tool provides a complete system. IDentifyED provides one system that does it all. IDentifyED provides a complete picture of all the activities on your campus, all the locations, all the people and all the groups that interact?

IDentifyED provides the most complete solution for campus management and user engagement in the marketplace today.

IDentifyED can be rolled out in many different ways, that allows you to phase-in our capabilities. You can start with a group of people, or a specific feature set, and then add items as you wish. It’s simple, easy, and provides a huge set of valuable tools. As your campus grows and becomes safer, IDentifyED grows with you.

The sooner you get started the safer you will be.

Now, right now is the perfect time. The funding is available. The understanding and sensitivity is being embraced by your campus.

Looking for something for your community as a whole? Why not try Kornukopia’s Community Covid-19 Software solution at: