Mapping your campus

So, a campus map is nice. It’s a great way to visually represent your campus.

If you want great campus maps…

Campus maps are reports.

Great reports rely on data, not pretty pictures.

The Challenge is:


You can create a campus map but if you don’t have great data, enough data, or data that is constantly updating; all you have is pretty picture.

With the right data a campus maps is 1,000 times more useful, and gives your campus insight with the ability to act.

At IDentifyED we help you add value to  your campus.

When we started creating campus maps we were shocked at the amount of information, that we could provide a member of the campus.

Our initial campus maps were built inside our incident response system to show responders where to respond, and that was great and very popular.

Then we started to build our computer aided dispatch system and before we got too far with that initiative, we realized that our mapping function was so powerful with so much data and so much insight that mapping, real insightful map-based reports were in of itself a huge value to our campuses.

We built IDentifyED around people, not responders initially. Most developers build a computer aided dispatch system first. This creates issues because they have an extremely limited amount of data, and collecting even that small amount takes time to set-up. That is the issue with most mapping solutions.

We started by embracing the users first, our logic was that you start with the one thing, the most important thing that you want to protect; in campuses, that’s people.

We felt like the best way to build trust and to get the right data was to romance or engage the end-user. The more data, the more insight and the more the user was engaged in their community using our tool, the more effective our tool could be in keeping them safe.

Yes, essentially, we romance your campus users into using a tool that they need, love and basically depend upon, so that when they need you, they go to the tool that they use every day. Simple responder logic is: “people don’t think about safety and security until they need it, and then it can be too late.”

Since we have systems that enable groups, courses, operations and users on campus we have enormous amounts of data:

  • We provide campus members with social media platforms that incentivize them to share locations, to check-in or post locations and this can be incorporated into a campus map.
  • We provide campus members with group and course scheduling and location management in the form of easy to use calendars and this can be incorporated into a campus map.
  • We provide campus members with the ability to ask for help and we capture their last check-in and their longitude and latitude and this can be incorporated into a campus map.

Wouldn’t it be better to find a more comprehensive tool that makes your campus safer all around than throwing on another band-aid?

Give me an example of IDentifyED campus maps function?

  1. So, can your campus mapping tool tell you where all the events are today on a map on campus between 3 and 5 PM? Does it populate itself with all the groups on campus, who designate events as public or private?
  2. Can your campus mapping tool tell you where all members of campus are checked in and are currently located?
  3. Can your campus mapping tool show you all courses today, and their locations?
  4. Can your campus mapping tool show you all the cameras, lpr cameras, facial recognition cameras, and connect to them?
  5. Can you create a location around nearly anything? Like an event, a bus, a camera, a park bench, a parking kiosk, a campus gate, or anything else on campus?
  6. Can your campus mapping tool allow you to see all the incidents on campus and refer responders to issues? Issues that could be anything from a leaking toilet to an intruder on campus?
  7. Can you create your own campus maps, with custom searches, and custom filters, and publish those tools with fine-tuned access control so that you can share insight with only those people who need to know?
  8. Can you create your own campus maps with customer searches and filters and publish them to distributed kiosks around campus so that people can see what’s going on, and where?
  9. Can you track specific vehicles, or people around campus in order to operate your campus?
  10. Can you find an automobile on campus based upon an LPR camera check-in? and can you tell how long it has been there? And tell us whose automobile it is, even if it’s a visitor to campus?

Unlike other mapping tools IDentifyED can do all this. We collect the information and provide the value to the campus member.

We get it, you may have come looking for a mapping solution, and there are simpler solutions out there.

The question now is: “Now that you know what you know, can you still settle for a pretty map?”.

So, what is holding you back?

Let our implementation experts help you secure your campus with tools that you can phase-in over time, creating more and more value for the members of your campus, and creating a safer and more secure campus.

Ask yourself this question: “If we had the data, could we map this? If we had a map of this, how much more effective would we be?

Then contact us, it’s simple.

You need a smart campus. Without tools that embrace the community, you will never get the data you need. How long can that wait? How much time, money and safety issues will you have until you implement IDentifyED?

Contact us today!

We have so much to show you and we can get started right away, even if it’s a simple example to show your boss, or the “committee”!