Campus bus safety student management systems

Bus Safety with the IDentifyED campus school bus safety system you can track your child when s/he is being transported to school.

From 2004 to 2013, U.S. drivers were involved in 340,039 fatal motor vehicle traffic crashes, according to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA). Of those, 1,214, or just .4%, were classified as “school-transportation-related,” involving a school bus or other vehicle functioning as a school bus that was transporting children to or from school or related activities, such as sports or field trips.

If you’re a mom, statistics are not that reassuring, what you want to know is…

Did my child get on the bus?
Did they get off the bus at the right stop?
Where are they, now?
Did they get home?

What are most schools using to manage buses and students?

Many schools are using software and GPS tracking to determine the speed, location, driving, maintenance and the route of the bus. So, they know a great deal about the bus. But how about the kids? Who is tracking the kids? What would they do if one of the kids had a medical issue? How do they know when an where a student got on or off a bus?

Here are the issues with bus management software:

The issue with “point solutions” like a special system for buses only is that they require additional integration, addition apps, additional systems, back-ups, hardware, software, administration and they don’t really work well within the context of the school because they only work within their own environment. The school bus vendor or department might be very happy because they have much more information about the bus and the driver than they ever had before.

So, most bus software is all about managing the “fleet” not the passengers. Schools buses are not about the bus, they are about the school’s students.

Why doesn’t my school have a campus school bus safety management system that monitors the students?

Bus management software is typically created as fleet management software. Most fleet management software is selling to those who are concerned about the equipment, the route(saving money and managing litigation risk) and the driver, the software prioritizes the most perceived valuable resources and the most important concerns of the buyer in the case of fleet management it is not the passengers or the “cargo”.

This is why a campus school bus safety is so important.

What if my campus school bus safety system was more like an Uber ride?

  • You would know where the bus is at all times.
  • You would know when the bus is going to get to your bus stop and your destination.
  • You would have a good idea on the buses route and the time to arrive at school.
  • You would have a status when you arrived.
  • Perhaps you could even rate the bus driver.

What does campus school bus safety software need in order to effectively manage a students’ safety and security?

  • Ability to check a student on to the bus, so you know exactly who is on the bus.
  • Ability to check a student off a bus and capture the longitude/latitude of check out.
  • Ability to make a help request in case a student has an issue on the bus.
  • Ability to check a student in, when they get home, so you know when a student is home from the bus.
  • Ability of the bus driver to signal for help if he/she has an issue on the bus.

Top reasons why IDentifyED’s campus school bus safety management system is the best in the industry.

1Best Student Accountability, IDentifyED’s student bus management provides the best student accountability, so bus driver’s and students can check-in and check-out of a bus, along with checking into school at checking in at home.

2Best student bus help, if there is an issue with a bus or an issue with a student the bus driver can make a help request and provide critical student and location information to an emergency responder, students and parents.

3Best student bus discipline system, if a discipline issue comes up on a bus, IDentifyEd allows a bus driver to report and refer the issue to school administration.

4Best student bus communication suite, buses and bus drivers can have a group message portfolio providing a message board, chat, files, and calendars available to students and parents.

IDentifyED bus student management API

IDentifyEd has a large library of APIs so that 3rd parties with the proper credentials can interact with IDentifyED.  The bus student management APIs allow the initiation of a bus check-in, the ability to query bus riders and the associated bus trip data on riders, and rider history.  Bus student management allows any 3rd party system to have access to the query: “Is this a student on the bus, when did they get on, when/where did they get off?”. Bus APIs can also provide pictures of all riders so that facial recognition systems and other systems can identify riders on a bus.

What is so cool about the IDentifyED School ID app?

The IDentifyEd App is much more than just a student ID and smart card, IDentifyEd’s main goal is to seduce the student with a large series of student engagement apps. These modules/features are completely configurable by the school at the user role level. IDentifyed provides 3 major types of student engagement solutions for your campus:

1Campus safety and security.

  • Student ID
  • Emergency Broadcast
  • Help Requests
  • Location
  • HID SEOS Smart Card
  • Custom App
  • Check-in/Check-out
  • Discipline
  • Reunification
  • Bus
  • Carline
  • Security Operations Tools
  • Hall Pass
  • Say Something
  • Security Policy and Emergency Content Tool

2Campus social networking and communications.

  • User Messaging
  • User/Student Portfolios with:
  • User Message Boards
  • File sharing
  • Contact/roster info sharing
  • Picture sharing
  • Location Sharing
  • Calendar Sharing
  • Messaging
  • Chat
  • Strong privacy and filters
  • Group Message Board
  • Course Message Board
  • Group/Group Messages
  • School Broadcast
  • Chat
  • Group Chat

3Learning tools

  • Grades
  • Attendance
  • Assignments
  • To-dos & Take Home
  • Course Management
  • Group Management
  • Volunteers
  • Discipline
  • Disclosures
  • Calendars

Adjusting to a kinder gentler cost and cutting-edge student ID.

Modules/Systems Security Alternative All Alternatives Identifyed* Identifyed Plus*
Student ID (initial) $6 $6
School ID Replacement/Maintenance $3 $3
Smart Card $8 $8
School ID Replacement Maintenance $4 $4
Emergency Broadcast/School communication Software $3 $3
Dispatch/Help Request Tipline $4 $4
Custom Campus App $3 $3
Student Engagement $5
Student LMS $6
File Sharing $5
Communication Monitoring Software $3
Student Messaging Platform $8
$31 $58 $5-7.5 9-12.50
*2 Options to pay for Kornukopia IdentifyED, the first is the traditional Enterprise license, the second is where the student or parent bares the burden of purchase in which case the cost to the school is limited to a staff only license.

IDentifyED can integrate with your:

1Kornukopia’s IDentifyED School ID tools easily integrated with your student information system or learning management system so that you can leverage student attendance, course and group rosters to communicate issues to specific users by group and course.

2Kornukopia’s IDentifyED provides students with a suite of student engagement tools and social networking tools in order so that the student use, trusts, and leverage the tool, the more they use it when you need to broadcast to them, the tool is something they are entirely familiar with.

3Kornukopia’s IDentifyEd provides your staff with all the tools that a professional security operation would use and with our apps allows you to put it at the fingers tips of your team, they are, based upon your permission make the School ID, locking down the school and potentially saving lives.

What is holding you back from a campus school bus safety system for your school?

  • You have a visitor management system already, but it does not validate visitors? What is the point of a visitor management system anyway?
  • You don’t have the system.
  • Implementing is quick and easy.
  • The IDentifyEd system cost is easily justified based upon all the other items it replaces.
  • Every minute you wait you create more risk, liability and negligence.
  • You can start saving lives and communicating to everyone that your campus is safe and secure, today!

What Next?

Imagine the lives you save and the processes you can improve with IDentifyED’s campus school bus safety system helping you create a better, safer campus.

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