Alyssa's Law

Making your campus safer

Alyssa's Law sets the foundation for your campuses fundamental need to respond to emergencies.14-year-old Alyssa Alhadeff, who was one of 17 people who died in the mass shooting at Marjory Stoneman Douglas School, her parents and supporters have started a movement with legislation being enacted in states throughout the country. Some vendors will tell you that this law mandates a "silent panic alert", and yes that what the legislation actually states. Is this a time to panic?

Or is it a time to leverage a cutting edge modern response system with up to the second critical data, making certain that local campus resources and law enforcement have the tools to respond quickly in an informed manner. This is a solution that we have spent a decade developing and perfecting. Please learn what you need to properly respond to an emergency prior to buying another vendors big red panic button!

John ShineFounder, Kornukopia

Alyssa's Law

Help Request

Alyssa’s Law helps your campus respond to a shooting, a hurricane, tornado, a peanut allergy or whatever threat your specific campus might encounter!



  • Our help request is highly configurable and able not only to send critical data in milliseconds but initiate a phone call, or send a picture.


  • Our modes and templates allows your organization to literally reconfigure security response on the fly with not only specific templates but modes that can reconfigure not only help requests, but emergency broadcast, location check-in and custom app screen.


  • Our help request UI allows administrators to create specific help requests screens for specific critical events, like a shooting; and can configure templates for before, during and after the event.


  • Our system takes Alyssa’s Law to the next level with a true enterprise class response tool that helps you create policies, processes and insure resources where you need them.


Alyssa's Law

Incident Response


This is no time for toys, you need responders on scene, now!

When we discuss responding to help requests with a state of the art incident response system which is essential to complying to Alyssa’s law, and saving lives.

We are not talking about a simple panic button or an emergency broadcast system that no one uses unless there is an emergency and that button tells you NOTHING!

Our campus engagement app is used all day — everyday, so if your campus needs help, users go to the same app that they go to for everything.

Why? Because over and over again, we heard from prospects that they implemented help requests apps that were never used.

Our help screen is customizable and able to be modified on the fly, as issues unfold.

Your security operations center gets instant access to who, where, when, and why they need help. Information about the person in trouble is at their finger tips. Information about the location and surveillance cameras is on the screen.

Video on Demand is there — so your remote responders and your local responders can SEE and DISCUSS exactly what is happening and can help!

Integrated push-to-talk within the app and SOC system allows you to not only talk to responders on the app but on their radios.

Nothing exists like this.

You are not panicking, you are responding like a pro!

Alyssa's Law

Cutting Edge Technology, Critical Criteria

 No one comes close to what we provide, No one.

So, when we talk about what we do, how we do it, and all that we do, it’s a little overwhelming.

Just our Incident response solution alone dominates the market space with features, and technology that our competition won’t release for decade. Here is a short list:

  1. User Engagement App for Campus Members and Parents with over 40 features that engage the campus for all types of things: So people use the apps everyday, and have it when they need it.
  2. User Data, we are collecting and providing critical data about your users on a daily basis. Where are they? When will they be here? What do they need? Who can we contact? ALL OF IT AT YOUR FINGERTIPS!
  3. Responder App that provides full response features like Incident Response, User critical data, location information down to the floor and room not just Longitude and Latitude, Incident Management, Full Status, Response notification, Emergency Broadcast and integrated threat assessment, Facial recognition, video incident broadcast and log, and push-to-talk.
  4. Video Streaming so that remote responders and responders on the move can see and log what is happening where.
  5. Push To Talk that allows responders to communicate verbally over a secure communication environment and integrate with radios.
  6. Tablet Kiosks that provide full functionality and can be placed in classrooms, cafeterias, gyms, auditoriums and in any entryway as well as travel when evacuation is needed.
  7. Kiosk features like Check-in/attendance/punch-in, Emergency Broadcast, Custom Campus Apps, Location services, and integrated identity that allows for all types of applications. Simple stuff like taking attendance and knowing where someone is on campus.
  8. Tablet kiosks can not only take attendance but can use ID QR codes or facial Recognition. Why facial recognition? We use that to identify people quickly and determine response.
  9. Intelligent Triggers that can send our emergency broadcasts and lockdown instructions to your entire community.
  10. 10 Security Modules and 40 user features to know where people are, who people are, where are your visitors, what events are on campus, where are your responders, and write ups a full incident management ticket after word, with a follow-up, full threat assessment module.
  11. Integrated Emergency Broadcast with detailed user group capabilities so that you can communicate to who you need to, not everyone, so your campus does not end up with “Broadcast fatigue”.
  12. Integrated Check-in/Check-out so that you know who is where, not just a long/lat, but a floor and a room, or an event, a course a field trip or bus.
  13. Integrated secure messaging, so that you can communicate to specific people without privacy concerns.


Alyssa's Law

Enterprise App Solutions

We have the most extensive, powerful and flexible apps in the world today.

Our Apps are feature rich boasting more than 40 different features and functions.

Our Apps are built to be modified to fit your campus, and can be modified with your plan to instantly reconfigure based upon the threat that you are addressing. Example: Before, During and after a Tornado.

Our Apps provide critical security functions:

  1. USER ID
  2. HID Card Access
  3. Help Request
  4. Emergency Broadcast
  5. Check-in/Check-out Punch-in/out and Attendance
  6. Facial Recognition for Responders
  7. License Plate Recognition for Responders
  8. Video On Demand
  9. Incident Response
  10. Incident Management
  11. Threat Assessment
  12. Location Tracking for Responders

We have a full library of apps:

  1. User App
  2. Responder App
  3. Premise Kiosk App
  4. Visitor App
  5. Visitor Management App
  6. Visitor Fit App
  7. Facial Scanner App

Alyssa's Law

Safety integrated into your campus with kiosks

Alright we’re sorry this might be a little much, but we provide both user apps and kiosk devices.

So, when we say our users never leave home without our app and that our app is used everyday all day… We allow you to make this a reality even if a person leaves their phone or tablet at home.
Our kiosks apps validate users throughout your campus, checking them in and out of rooms, events, courses, and meetings. Stationed in critical areas so that they are ready to respond with help requests, emergency broadcasts, facial recognition, video on demand and push-to-talk all sitting conveniently on the wall.

We hope and know that statistically a significant campus threat is unlikely, so we built a campus kiosk that is used daily for Attendance, check-in/check-out, campus information, campus communications and other functions. This kiosk is more than just an investment in security, it provides every day communication, order and information to your entire campus. We also know that a peanut allergy is much more likely than a shooter, our system handles both, professionally.

Our ID validation and criminal record screening system scan anyone who enters your campus, validates identity and checks for visitor Fit. If they haven’t registered we check them against sex offender databased before they enter your campus.

Our kiosk apps register visitors before or while they arrive, confirm identity, register a visitor’s visit, and then issue a visitor app to keep your visitors tracked and protected as they experience your campus.

Our responder and user apps work seamlessly with our kiosks so that all the vital information that you would expect us to provide is at your finger tips.