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January 2020


IDentifyED Announces Integration to IPVideo’s HALO IOT Smart Sensor

IDentifyED Announces Integration to IPVideo’s HALO IOT Smart Sensor; Launches New One-Of-A-Kind Incident Response Module For Schools   Leading Florida-based campus safety and security systems provider brings the latest in vaping and incident reporting technology together to help keep schools across the country safe and secure.   Dunedin, FL – February 4, 2020: IDentifyED, the nation’s #1 complete campus safety and security system provider, today announced the launch of the IDentifyED HALO Incident Response Module. This integrated system allows school administrators to immediately start monitoring vape alerts in real-time.  It also provides campuses the ability to use the IDentifyED incident response module to respond to alerts, and the IDenifyED incident management module to document all incidents. IPVideo’s  HALO IOT Smart Sensor has taken off this year in response to the nationwide youth vaping epidemic.  It is the only product to detect vaping with Nicotine or Marijuana (THC oil).  In addition…
January 30, 2020
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