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11 steps to implement school reunification?

By December 9, 2019No Comments

How do you implement school reunification?

  1. In daily dismissal use a reunification process.
  2. Implement a solid parent delegation process.
  3. Implement a strong student pick-up escalation process.
  4. Use a software/system that handles reunification.
  5. Integrate reunification into field trips.
  6. Integrate reunification into athletic trips.
  7. Integrate reunification into school events.
  8. Integrate a reunification process into your carline.
  9. Integrate a reunification process into your buses.
  10. Consider leveraging I love U Guys SRM.
  11. Consider using IDentifyED campus security system

See the software in action:

Learn more here:

School Reunification System Software

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