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Kornukopia Announces IDentifyED Plus & IDentifyED 2.0

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IDentifyED Campus Safety and Security Police Hurricane

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Kornukopia Announces IDentifyED Plus & IDentifyED 2.0

IDentifyed Plus and 2.0 change the way campuses provide safety and security.

Dunedin, FL -March 30, 2019 Today at the product unveiling event, Kornukopia announced the immediate availability of IDentifyED Plus & IDentifyED 2.0, enabling customers to have access to features that go far beyond what may have been initially ever conceived of in campus security.

“Imagine if you are running a marathon and right before the starter’s gun went off, you found out that your biggest competitor is already at mile 25. Would you even run? We are at mile 25, and almost all of our competition is stalled at the starting gate. IDentifyED Plus and 2.0 have more modules, systems, features, and reasons to use our campus-wide system than all of our competitors, combined.” said John Shine, CEO at Kornukopia. “Even though we are miles ahead of the competition, the race has just begun for us; we have so many innovations on our roadmap, and the ability to deliver them with amazing precision and within months not years, that I kind of feel bad for the other guys. More so I am concerned for the campuses that are putting their people in harm’s way, by using an antiquated system.”

Positive Customer Impact

Many customers have already benefited from deploying IDentifyED Plus & IDentifyED 2.0. IDentifyED Plus takes the power of the entire Kornukopia ecosystem and provides a full feature campus-wide monitoring and communication infrastructure all in one system.

“We’ve added features like HID’s SEOS soft smartcard deployed and embedded in the app, custom campus app, content folders, The “I Love U Guys” Foundation’s standard response procedure and the standard reunification method. Along with an enterprise help management system that can address anything from shooting to a chemical spill to an overflowing toilet. We integrated in our complete campus-wide communication infrastructure that includes; Critical event message boards, secure chat and group chat, location sharing, calendar sharing, and file/picture sharing. said Jason Seibert, Product Marketing, Kornukopia,  “Your campus will know what is going on, what needs to be done and simply stated: be able to communicate it.”

IDentifyED Plus & IDentifyED 2.0 Availability

IDentifyED Plus & IDentifyED 2.0 is an update driven by customer feedback and is part of Kornukopia’s commitment to product quality.  IDentifyED Plus & IDentifyED 2.0 is available within the software as a service platform delivered by Kornukopia’s IDentifyED Campus Security system ( )

Founded in 2015, Kornukopia is the #1 Complete Campus Safety and Security System. Students love Kornukopia because it offers the most comprehensive campus security and student engagement app. Campuses rely on Kornukopia because it provides the best way to engage students, secure their campus with robust processes, and facilitate communication around learning objectives.



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