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Kornukopia Announces Availability of Kornukopia’s Reseller program

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IDentifyED Campus Safety and Security Police Hurricane

For Release 09:00 AM ET

March 1, 2019

Kornukopia Announces Availability of Kornukopia’s Reseller program

Kornukopia provides #1 Complete Campus Safety and Security system to resellers.

Dunedin, FL -March 1, 2019 Today at the Reseller Program Kick-off Event, Kornukopia announced the immediate availability of Kornukopia’s Reseller program, enabling resellers, integrators, and consultants to represent and sell the IDentifyED platform.

“IDentifyED is a very powerful platform, and IDentifyED integrates with a campuses entire IT, facilities, and security environment. We run the gambit from a campus’ ERP or SIS to the IDs, Smart cards, physical access controllers, to digital signs and even possible for us to work with fire alarms and security alarms. When you have a software as a service that touches the campus in a such a significant way, it makes sense to bring in professionals that can provide technical expertise, programming, integration and the necessary 3rd party equipment that might be required. Said John Shine, CEO Kornukopia. He added, “Never fear, it seems like a lot, but our customers and resellers can leverage IDenifyED’s Modular Adaptive Customer Platform (MACP) this allows campuses to turn on or “phase-in” modules as they wish to, so we bring a lot, but we can implement over time in a professional way.

Positive Customer Impact

Many customers have already benefited from deploying Kornukopia’s Reseller program. Kornukopia’s Reseller program is hard at work, making sure that our customers are delighted.

“Kornukopia has a great program, great reseller resources, and are very focused on delighting the channel, so building trust in the reseller channel has been a real delight,” said Dina Moskowitz, CEO, SAAS MAX. “If I were a reseller I would get in on this program, now.”

Kornukopia’s Reseller program Availability

Kornukopia’s Reseller program is an update driven by customer feedback and is part of Kornukopia’s commitment to product and service quality.  Kornukopia’s Reseller program is available within the software as a service platform delivered by Kornukopia’s IDentifyED Campus Security system  ( )

Founded in 2015, Kornukopia is the #1 Complete Campus Safety and Security System. Students love Kornukopia because it offers the most comprehensive campus security and student engagement app. Campuses rely on Kornukopia because it provides the best way to engage students, secure their campus with robust processes, and facilitate communication around learning objectives.



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