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Kornukopia Announces Availability of IDentifyED Visitor Management

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IDentifyED Campus Safety and Security Police Hurricane

For Release 09:00 AM ET
June 30, 2019

Kornukopia Announces Availability of IDentifyED Visitor Management

IDentifyED’s Visitor Management SAAS Module is released
Dunedin, FL -June 1, 2019 Today at the Visitor Management Kick-off Event, Kornukopia announced immediate availability of IDentifyED Visitor Management, enabling all IDentifyED and any organization who would like a state-of-the-art visitor management system to immediately manage visitors.

“We built visitor management to be device independent (IOS and Android), to work with any complying sticker printer (or no printer at all, with the text ticket function), visitor management is simple to deploy, simple to use, and works with existing or new hardware. It also integrates into the IDentifyED Suite, so the front desk, the teachers, and resource officers can see who is a valid visitor and where they should be.” Nitin Jain, VP Product Development at Kornukopia. “We also, made certain it was a tool that could be used by IDentifyED during a “critical event”, if you have a tornado, a shooting, or something that requires an emergency broadcast, we include the visitor in the broadcast and we also know where they are, so security can identify them as a valid visitor, which is critical.”

Positive Customer Impact
Many customers have already benefited from deploying IDentifyED Visitor Management. Visitor management not only works with the #1 Complete Campus Safety and Security system IDentifyed, but it works with the first subscriber based criminal validation system, Visitor Fit. Visitor Fit allows organizations to offload the cost of criminal record validation for all visitors and volunteers, it also allows the organizations to protect the privacy of the visitor by allowing a 3rd party to validate the visitor’s criminal record and provide membership validation. Visitors’ win too, because with one Visitor Fit membership they can be validated against any participating Visitor Fit provider. Visitor Fit validation is free for any organization who would like to validate visitors. Visitor Management is available as a free service for organizations already licensed for IDentifyED or for a simple $360 ($30/month) fee to implement the visitor management system without IDentifyED.

IDentifyED Visitor Management Availability
IDentifyED Visitor Management is an update driven by customer feedback and is part of Kornukopia’s commitment to product quality. IDentifyED Visitor Management is available within the software as a service platform delivered by Kornukopia’s IDentifyED Campus Security system ( )
Founded in 2015, Kornukopia, is the #1 Complete Campus Safety and Security System. Students love Kornukopia because it offers the most comprehensive campus security and student engagement app. Campuses rely on Kornukopia because it provides the best way to engage students, secure their campus with strong processes and facilitate communication around learning objectives.

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