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IDentifyED Campus Safety and Security Application UX

1 Most Compelling User Engagement

2 Mission Focused

3 Complete Campus Engagement Tool Set

4 BEST ID (Campus Identity) System

5 Create the most efficient and effective campuses.

Plus, Save money, by implementing a modern tool!

IDentifyED Dangerous Street

Channel 5 shows up, the kids and parents are crying.  The attorneys are documenting—and you are grilled like a sandwich by the district superintendent, “How did this happen?”

You used tip lines. Used a broadcast a message. You had campus security (but they never knew).  It did NOT work.

Simply stated your campus…  your users were NOT Engaged!

You used the stick when you should have used a carrot.

You offered people fear when you needed to offer enticements.

It’s 2 am. Sally’s drunk.

  • She left her dorm key in her room.
  • She can’t wake her roommates by phone or banging
  • She’s way too tired, feeling way too tipsy to remember her address (she’s sitting outside the WRONG dorm)
  • …and it’s 10 degrees below.

She grabs her phone, uses her favorite app “IdentifyED” and gets help.

Campus Safety and Security Alternatives

Supposed to help you discover problems before they happen. But they rely on good people (who aren’t in the know). As well as, others (that won’t talk for fear that they will be involved)—little information that is preventative.

911 Calls

Emergency tip line or Police. Used when it is often too late, don’t always know the proper location (died in trunk, too drunk to tell (or poor description (“near the big tree”)–no location tracking.

Campus Security and Safety

Don’t always know the troubled areas (can’t predict issues—no analytics), insufficient tools to do their job.  This makes it hard to help students if they don’t cooperate.

How do you engage “this” non-connected brain

—“What were they thinking.”

Notifies—but can cause panic, Does not instruct where to go, what to do.

“Dumb” IDs

Organization’s ID Cards, School IDs, or newer “Smart Cards” – Not so smart. Don’t tell you where the user is, and can be left behind (useless). Plus, issuing 30,000 on day-one, and administering is a massive job.

Inadequate Campus Safety and Security Policies and Processes

Not every campus knows best campus safety and security practices.  Some have great policies that seem good, but are hard to implement without accurate information or proper notification tools.

No analytics

Flying blind—nothing preventative, no insights (manual is often too tedious or too late).

You Should Consider IDentifyED

Campus Engagement, this is new… So, how does your campus safety and security system engage users to fulfill your campuses mission while helping to mitigate campus emergencies, or even basic accidents in advance? As well as, report them accurately when they occur, warn students and faculty of critical emergencies, resolve them quickly.  All while using new approaches (since old ones are grossly inadequate—and most don’t know how it could be)—quickly and affordably?

Perhaps you should consider….

IDentifyED Campus Safety and Security Logo

Campus Safety and Security Problem

Unfortunately, the #1 problem is existing campus safety and security systems is they are not carried and used (not ALL the time)—like having a gun, but leaving it home—you’re dead.

Campus Safety and Security ALTERNATIVES

911 Calls.

A 911 call to a dispatch center does not always provide good information about the person (especially if panicked).  As well as, the location or the issue can be confusing (near the big tree on campus).

It also does not create any data, any process, metrics, nor does it integrate into a process to respond.

IDentification Cards

are a lot of work to take pictures of everyone, and deploy. IDs often get lost or stolen and are not easily revoked.

The process of deploying and maintaining IDentification Cards (Organization IDs, School IDs, or ID badges) is resource dependent, painful and expensive to not only deploy but to maintain.

Campus Safety and Security.

It is hard to secure people when they don’t always cooperate—especially.

Putting solutions together that the people adopt and use daily allows campus security to build better procedures, policies, process, and metrics.

Smart cards

are a lot of work to deploy, often get lost or stolen and are not easily revoked.

The process of deploying and maintaining smartcards is resource intensive, painfully mundane, and expensive to not only deploy but to maintain.

Solid analytics, so a campus can predict, prevent and plan for probable issues based upon historic data is nearly impossible.


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Used by over 4,000 schools

140 different countries – 14 languages

Ten Fastest Growing Education Solution Providers – Insights Success

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Winner – EdStart Award

Best Solution for Campus Safety and Security

There are FIVE main reasons to consider IDentifyED

1 BEST User Engagement

2 BEST Help Request

3 BEST Security Processes & Policies

4 BEST ID Badge Systems

5 Smartest Smart Card

Plus, it is the price performance leader

Let’s take a look at each of these reasons in detail

1BEST User Engagement – It Must Be WITH THEM to Work.

Integrated Corporate or School Identification Cards, smart card and campus security modules.

IDentifyED’s powerful mobile campus security app’s ID Badges and smart cards are integrated.

They use the app daily for their ID, to access buildings, dorms, to check out library books. As well as, to identify themselves in for payments systems like in the cafeteria or vending machines—so it is always with them! Plus, your organization does not have to distribute and manage plastic IDs, or smart cards since the app is self-installed.

Campus Communication and Social Networking.

IDentifyED also includes built-in messaging, message boards, group chat, location sharing, file sharing, picture sharing and calendar sharing for users and entire groups to communicate, socialize, plan and learn—even more reasons to keep it with them.

It also removes reliance on public social networking platforms that compromise student privacy and reputation; while retaining security and privacy. Plus the organization owns all the communication data (critical when trying to audit and reconstruct dangerous events).

Learning and education systems

For Schools and organizations with learning and certification needs, the IDentifyED back-end system also manages and captures.  So grades, assignments, to-dos, take home, attendance, and calendars–providing powerful security and social networking insights from ALL of the student’s activities.

2BEST Help Request

The IDentifyED mobile app allows people to ask for emergency help—connecting directly to the dispatch center and the remote emergency responder. The system also helps to monitor, update status and close any issues and provides documentation in case of any litigation.

Intelligent Request

The mobile help request contains the person’s location (including longitude and latitude), course, bus, event and group.  As well as, contact and emergency contact information, picture, allergies, medical alerts, the specific issue, time and date.  Hence, everything needed to respond properly to an emergency.

Intelligent Response

The mobile responder gets immediate notification, while the back-end system handles dispatch.  As a result, an end-to-end workflow management of the student’s emergency request (police, administration, ambulance notification, etc.).

The centralized system can easily manage multiple campuses, and multiple issues to maximize safety with limited resources.

Intelligent Logistics and Prevention

IDentifyED’s analytics and associated patterns (i.e., regular break-ins or violations every 1stFriday (corresponding to regular meetings, etc.) allows you to anticipate, prevent and provision resources at the right place at the right time.

3BEST Security Processes, Metrics and Documentation for Campus Safety and Security

The IDentifyED app and back-end system helps your organization create and refine strong, well built, complete and thoughtful processes.  Including incident and critical event response, campus monitoring and intelligence gathering.  Unlike simplistic tip lines or emergency documentation.

Incident Management Improvement

Incident management is more than just an app-based user help request button.  It’s the vital information, monitoring, status, documentation, and communication that happen before, during, and after an incident.  Therefore, it that ensures a successful incident management.

The resultant analytics helps improve your security over time.

Critical Event Response Improvement

IDentifyED; provides state of the art critical event response procedures using the “I Love U Guys Foundation’s” tried and true Standard Response Protocol, implemented in over 25,000 schools, colleges, and corporations.  Unlike the simplistic emergency notifications (that only notifies and catalyzes panic, but does not tell students what to do).

Certainly, it includes alert notification, but also drill documentation, public, and private critical event message boards.  As well as, private messaging, campus-wide alerts and news, integrated SRP, integrated school specific procedure documentation distribution.  As a result, the industry’s strongest reunification process– heralded as the only complete approach that gets the ultimate results—a protected campus.

Improved Campus Monitoring and Intelligence

So unlike simple tip lines that rely on good people (who aren’t in the know) and others (that won’t talk, for fear they will be implicated), IDentifyED leverages massive overall analytics collected from hundreds of people and thousands of activities.

This helps you to manually or automatically profile the greatest risks by individuals, dates, days, times and locations—making it much easier to decide who and where to monitor or patrol to protect all your people, campus, and events.

4The BEST ID Badge (Corporate or School ID) System

In the 80’s ID badges were the holy grail of security—if they are “smart” and carried with them. With all of its campus applications, IDentifyED is an integrated part of a person’s campus life (try that with a piece of plastic). It is a paradigm shift that combines best-of-breed tools—with the ultimate campus safety and security.

Self-registration and photo uploads

Your people can upload a favorite picture of themselves (no more waiting in lines), enter their campus login and password.  As a result, without requiring help from campus security or IT.

No plastic IDs

Requires no plastic, no printing, and no distribution.

Sp with little to no administration or cost thousands of IDs can be created in minutes.

Never lost and never stolen

Even more, IDentifyED data is housed in the hyper-secure cloud, so it is never lost, never stolen. So it can be revoked (if ever needed) with an administrator’s click of the mouse. The user loses their phone? No problem.

Download IDentifyED to the new phone and log in. That’s it. So no waiting in line at security, no lost card fees, no printing and no pain.  Finally, no dedicated resource to issue IDs.

5Smartest Smart Card

Unlike typical physical smart cards that require an admin to provision, secure and issue, can have long lines and delays to obtain or replace (especially when you setup hundreds to thousands of users at once), IDentifyED bypasses all of this with a Smart Phone App (using market-leading HID encryption (same as used by popular smart cards).

You can set up thousands of users in minutes with no user intervention, and employees, students, or staff can access facilities or resources via BlueTooth or NFC with a touch of a secure button!

Easy Smart Card Management

Because campus security or user services selects the user that needs a smart card, clicks the deploy or revoke button.  Then IDentifyED app does the rest. So it takes seconds to set up.

No plastic smartcards

IDentifyED requires no plastic, no printing, no distribution.  With little to no administration effort, or cost, thousands of smart credentials can be created and distributed in minutes.

Secure Smart Credentials

Therefore, IDentifyED smart card credentials are never lost, and never stolen (like with a plastic card).  Most noteworthy, with a click of the mouse it can be revoked.

So if a person loses or replaces their phone, they download IDentifyED, login and the system automatically downloads the new credential.  As a result, an admin is not needed.

Finally, no waiting in line at security, no fees, no printing, no pain, no delays, and no administration.

So what’s Holding You Back?

Now that you can see some of the advantages of IDentifyED, what’s holding you back?

Following are common campus safety and security questions:

Can we implement some of the system, not all of it?

Yes, Kornukopia is modular so you can implement the features and modules you like.

Can we implement some of the system, not all of it?

So some modules are included, others may require another license and can be easily turned on.

Do you think our users will use the system?

Yes. In fact, the more modules you implement, the more compelling and “sticky” it becomes.

How easy is the implementation?

Depending on the size of your organization, it usually only takes a couple of hours (this includes importing your data). Furthermore, It helps that the system can integrate into your user directories, human resource or ERP systems.  As well as for schools and colleges we support Clever, One Roster and Pinwheel DME.

How easy is it to setup the security operations center?

Easy–open a browser and you are ready to monitor specific reports.

How secure is the system?

IDentifyed follows the industry’s strictest security protocols. Please see the LIST that shows the comprehensive security features.

How is it paid for–who pays?

It can be licensed to the school, purchase licenses for each user, or there can be a mix.  So the school covers the nominal cost for the back-end. Furthermore, the rest is covered by the students—providing extremely flexible options is one of the reasons for the product’s success.

When will you move to a true campus safety and security system?

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